Dawn of Apes

I know this post came in very late but finally... like finally I got my PC fix. Reformatted it for 2-3 times already because first time I reinstalled Windows XP only to realized that majority of the softwares don't cater to XP anymore. Like when I downloaded iTunes and I can't install it as it only works for Windows Vista and above. I've been having problem installing Adobe Readers and quite a lot of softwarres. OMG!!!!! No PC to use feels like world end when I'm in the mood to blog. Finally I upgraded to Windows 7 and yes, my PC feels like brand new though it has been serving me for more than 5 years now. Got it on 28 March 2009. Any way, I've to say that Windows XP is completely obsolete unless you never reformat your PC. There's no longer Windows update nor service nor help and support is available.

Goodbye Windows XP.
You have serve me well.

Any way back to today's topic. Watching Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes had left so much thought in me and how much I could relate these incidents with our world. This sequel is definitely way better than the previous one (I actually don't like Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes). This story was an expanded story from the previous one and focused on Caesar. Mankind was almost eradicated by the simian flu that was spread at the end of the previous movie. The apes has a growing in population lead by Caesar and lived in peace until they met surviving human beings. And some how things happened and war begins.

Even though if an entire population wants peace, if there's one ape (or in our current world - human) wants power, it can actually caused a war that cannot be stopped. Once begin, there will never be peace because human beings are not forgiving. We never trust. Though the catalyst may have stopped, the fear, the worries and all will cause people to one to eliminate the other population for their own survival.

Rating: 5/7

There's so many things that happened after watching the movie, firstly the Kiki incident that evoked so much public criticism on social media to the saddest things - MH17 was shot down, the war between Israel & Gaza, crash of Air Algeria and Taiwan plane GE222. Let us all unite for peace and humanity.

Ending this post thanking Nuffnang for the premiere passes :)