Krabi Getaway - Day 1

Happy Chinese Valentines Day… I said I’m going to flood you with my Krabi trip but slightly delay and here it is…

As known by everyone, Krabi is a tourist destination next to the sea with island hopping. It’s a very relaxing small town with little to do. If you life the hustle and bustle of big city, i.e. Bangkok, this would be completely opposite (though I’ve never been to Bangkok). This town is located on the west coast of southern Thailand at the Krabi River where it empties in Phangnga Bay.

Since this is my first getaway with my little sister, it is a very short trip – 3 days, 2 nights or should I say – 2 days, 2 nights since our flight are both schedule around 12-2pm. We took Air Asia and it was a 1.5 hour flight. Do remember that Thailand is 1 hour later than our time zone.

We took a ground package from the Malaysian Harmony Tour & Travel (MHTT) which includes a 3-day 2-night stay, airport transfer, island hopping, a short visit to Tiger Cave Temple, 1 duck noodle lunch and an hour free massage at only RM380 (including RM50 for Thailand agent fee and tipping) per person. And during the promotion, they offered an additional free night stay but since we have booked our air tickets, we forego that night.

We reached Krabi at 1.40pm and was greeted by a very friendly tour guide, Rachan from See Tho Travel and coincidentally, a couple from Malaysia also booked the same package and same date as us. My lil sis said that we have 缘分 (fate) with this couple as they were sitting right in front of us at the boarding area at KLIA2. They were very caring people and it was great meeting them. Should have exchanged contact number with the couple.

The moment we reached, we told the tour guide to shift the 3rd day destination as we were afraid we will not be able to make it as our flight back was at 2.25pm local time. And so, our first destination was to Wat Thum Sir Temple or better known as Tiger Cave Temple which was about 10 minutes away from the airport. We made a short 20-30 minutes stop there.

The Tiger Cave temple got the name because there used to be a tiger roaming around the cave but you can no longer can sight a tiger there. Rachan said that a Chinese monk went to the cave for meditation and sighted a tiger there but to his surprise, the tiger did not harm him. And slowly the area and cave was transformed into a temple and the tiger lives harmoniously with the monks there.

The main tourist attraction in the temple is the 1,272 steps climb up the limestone tower to see the "footprint of the Buddha" while some said that there was a tiger paw print on the cave wall. And he said that you can get a nice panoramic view of Krabi town. Sadly, I didn't get the chance to climb up because of time limitation. 

Of course the temple is not limited to the peak. The surrounding is quiet, peaceful and nice with a beautiful big Kuan Yin statue, Buddha statues and Hindu goddess there too.

We prayed there and it was a little different from our culture. 

Offerings at 30THB 

The Thais only lit 1 candle and we were given a bottle of oil for offering (what we Chinese in Malaysia called 拜神灯油).

Their flowers and tea offering were place inside here.

Oh... And don't miss out a big gong there.

The gong will sound if you rub your hands gently at it. I asked Rachan what's the significant if the gong sound but he doesn't seem to know but he did mentioned that not everyone gets to make the gong sound. 

When we were done, we were super hungry since it's almost 3.45pm and we had not have any lunch prior to that. We were brought to our Duck Noodle lunch at Krabi town which is just 5 mins drive away. 

Not sure what's the name of this shop but it's near the night market area.

We tried 2 things - duck noodle and yellow rice with chicken. Each cost about 45THB.

The broth of the duck noodle is darkish in colour. The flavour is just right though for me is a little salty. Even the duck meat is super tender.

On the other hand, the yellow rice with chicken is not so ons. The size of the chicken is so pathetic. The dish is not hot and I would only say that it's edible and some how felt like eating chicken rice in Malaysia though the spices for both are different and the rice is not as fragrant as well.

We were given 30 minutes free time to be spend around the town and so we went to the fruit market which is just right next to the duck noodle shop.

A happy me at the fruit market

I've seen Salak fruit or also known as snake fruit but has never tried it before. Don't even know what to call it and asked the seller:

Looks odd outside but this is the inside:

I find it quite exotic - sweet but super sour and I like the sauce that was mix with it - spicy, salty. My lil sis on the other don't like it at all.

Luckily we bought the Super-Apple (also called Srikaya) fruit at only 25THB.

Used to love this fruit and can easily find the purple colour one in Subang pasar malam (when it was still at SS15) but now it's a rare rare sight.

This one has very less seed inside. Super enjoy it.
Sweet and juicy.

We then traveled to Ao Nang town where we are staying. Why Ao Nang and not Krabi itself? Because everyone told me that Ao Nang has more things to do compared to Krabi town which is true. We were checked-in to The Small Hotel in Ao Nang Town. That was actually offer selection from MHTT between it and Krabi La Playa Hotel. Both were opposite each other and are under the same operating team. The Small Hotel is newer though and after much research did, I requested for a room with swimming pool outside which is awesome. Else, they will put you in any the rooms upstairs. Super duper awesome room. Big room, toilet and the moment you open the glass door is the pool ♥

 The Small Hotel's exterior.

 Our room ♥

 The pool right outside our room.

 Opposite our room.

After that, we spent our evening exploring Ao Nang town and I have to say that it's not a big one and it took us an hour plus walk to finish the whole street. The hotel that I'm staying is at one end while we walked up until the other end. Starbucks is the last place you can stop at. There's nothing much after so there's no point going forward to explore already.

 Super awesome sunset view outside of The Small Hotel.

It's slightly further at the end is quite quiet so I don't encourage girls to go out til too late if you were staying there. If you are staying in the middle of the town then it's alright.

 Ao Nang street earlier before the sun sets.

Motorcycles are always a sight of Thailand.

 Me on a tuk tuk. This is so much stable 
compared to the one I took in Chiang Mai.

For dinner, we were eating as we walk along the street. First stop was McDonalds as it's right at the end next to Starbucks. And we tried this bbq chicken.

The bbq chicken chicken is super juicy. The chicken is super tender and easily removed from the stick. 30THB

And a must try is the pancake. This Ja Weal Pancake stall is located at a corner of Ao Nang street and opens at 10am til 11pm. They will close as long as they finish their flour dough.

This lady doesn't even take order if you are unwilling to wait there. You are not allow to order and walk away and come back to take the food.

It feels like roti canai.

Nutella banana pancake. 50THB

It's super awesome. Look at that amount of nutella. Yum yum yum... The dough has very fragrant flour taste.

And we went to this food shop 10 mins away from The Small Hotel. The exterior has a lot of coconut husks hanging there so it's easily spotted. I'm not posting a picture as the picture I took was unclear.

Tom Kah Kai 150THB

We only ordered 1 dish there as we were super full with all the streets food. It's good but not spicy at all. But I realized that it don't get me thinking about it again. The one I tried at Chiang Mai was super 返寻味 and I'm still craving for it.

And we ended up our night with mango sticky rice and beers.

Mango sticky rice. 60THB

The mango is sweet and juicy but the rice and coconut milk is a disappointment. My uncle makes better mango sticky rice then this. But I guess you need to try another stall then. I can't tell you which because the stall aren't always at the same place.

Day 2 & 3 gonna be in another post. This post is already too looooooooooooooong.

Any way, I have to say Krabi has a lot of mosquitoes. Lesson learnt is to bring mosquito repellent. I came back with loads of mosquito bites.