Krabi Getaway - Day 2 & 3

Here's a continuation of my Krabi trip. Day 2 is half day island hopping and the night was to Krabi town night market.

Sis and me got up early for breakie but The Small breakfast area was full that we were brought to Krabi La Playa Hotel for our breakie.

 Krabi La Playa Hotel is located opposite The Small
This is the second entrance to the hotel.
 You can see The Small (orange colour buidling behind me)

 Krabi La Playa Hotel

My simple breakier there but I can't get use to the food.
Out of all the things that I've picked, the egg is the only nice one.

Our pick up for island hopping was at 8.30am so we still have some time to explore around and we decided to just walk around the hotel area. One thing I've to say is that I've never seen any petrol station at Krabi. They have a kiosk like the pic below:

From left: drink machine, instant noodle machine and petrol kiosk/pump.

The drive to the where we took our boat was 5-10 minutes away and it requires a short walk to the boats. We were there together with the Malaysian couple. Both husband and wife are so caring that they make sure my sister and I were not left behind.

 Walking to our boat

All the long tail boats were located at the same area

Not to be forgotten - the speed boat which cost an extra RM60 for the ride.
Of course it's a lot faster and some boat is much easier to climb up.

The most dreaded time for me the entire island hopping trip is going up and down of the boat. Especially when the tide is quite high. But all is worthwhile. The couple was also taking care of us when we go up and down the boat. They even look out for the family which we shared the same boat.

Boo is our tour guide for today. Our first stop is Railay Island. According to her, we will be stopped at different location of the island at different timing depending on the sea tide. Some part of the beaches are covered with water and we can't go down for any activity. The island from far looks green and she asked us to pay attention to the white lines at the rocks because that's the rock climbing track.

The moment we reached, the island look so green but as we walk-in, we start seeing caves, stalactites...

And walking deeper, is the sea and beach and rock climbing area. The place was packed with people.

And Boo told us that the locals pray here for safety and prosperity

After a short stop, we were headed to Koh Kai (Chicken Island) for snorkeling. The island got its name because of the shape which resembles a chicken head.

Pay attention to the left side where the chicken head is.

There's no going down to the island. People just get off the boat and snorkel there.

 We were stopped here for 30 minutes of snorkelling.

The sea may look like there's nothing to see but I was totally wrong. Actually there was a lot of fishes swimming around. Boo threw some biscuits inside and here we see school of fishes coming for food:

As we can't swim, we decided to stay in the boat which was a bad mistake as I got seasick from the boat being swayed around. Learn a trick is to sit out to the open and not inside the boat.

Sitting at the back of the boat because a family actually took our sitting

Finally the wait was over and we headed to Koh Tup (Tup Island) which we stopped for another short 15 minutes. Koh Tup is a small island and since we were there during high tide, the space was very small to accommodate many people. On low tide you can walk across the sandbar from Chicken Island and we weren't able to do this. So we spent time taking picture only. Nothing too picturesque there but you do get to see the coastline of Krabi.

We quickly head off to Koh Poda (Poda Island) where it was the biggest island among all 4 that we went to. We stopped for 30 minutes there for lunch and to take picture. Lunch there was brought by our tour guide and surprisingly, there's no dustbin there. Everyone is required to collect their lunchbox back to the boat to throw but definitely a good thing as the beach is very clean. Unlike Malaysia beach where you see rubbish floating around. But the lunch box isn't very appetizing. Edible only as the fried rice was cold, not much ingredients within and probably from the sea adventure, both of us actually lost our appetite. Luckily there was 1 stall there that we bought coconut water (THB80 for 1). Even cans/bottles/coconut husks must be returned to the stall to throw.
The scenery there was awesome........

We headed back to Ao Nang and back to hotel and it was already around 2.10pm. We went for a swim as we haven't had the opportunity to dip in the pool which is directly outside our room. Then we went for our 1 hour free massage at The Small. We added THB100 for oil massage instead of the Thai massage as I can't stand Thai massage. However, I find it not ons at all. The masseuse is not skillful :( Kinda disappointed.

Any way, night, we went to the night market in Krabi town. We paid THB300 per person for the trip out to the town. I got kinda angry as the pick up by See Tho agent was an hour late. OMG... We called and they said they were on the way. Give them 10 minutes and 10 minutes and........ I will not be angry if you were to say that you will be late for an hour as I could spend that 1 hour wisely instead of sitting at the hotel lobby waiting. Gosh... Of course the driver apologized for being late and told us the pick up time will be 9.30pm instead of 9pm. The drive to Krabi town was about 20-30 minutes.

The night market looks small but was actually quite far in but 2.5-hour was more than enough for us to explore there. One good thing for night market here is that a big dustbin was prepared at every cross/t-junction and you don't see rubbish on the floor. Malaysia should learn from there. At least when every pack, the streets are clean.

 This guy here actually earn money by standing still and
letting people to paint him. He was entirely covered in purple paint
before he became like this.

Instead of having proper dinner, sis and me explored the street food there. Both of us can't eat much so here's some of the food explore there.

 A local kuih with peanut filling. 6 for THB20.
Both sis and me find this weird and not really to our liking.

Awesome fried ice cream THB25.

 They even sell instant noodle there.

The pork bbq was super awesome and only cost THB10.
Juicy, very succulent and tender. It taste just right.
We went back for second round but it was completely sold out :'(
Sorry sis but this is the only pork bbq picture we have.

 Tried fresh coconut milk ice cream THB30

 Very strong coconut milk taste and I think it
taste better without the chocolate, strawberry topping
that we requested. Shouldn't have asked for them.

 This is something interesting.
'It's called lod-chong-kra-ti-sod THB20

 It's actually cendol, melon and santan mix with something.
You can choose to have cendol + melon or plain cendol. Erm... 
Don't go with the melon as the melon super "lembik" and both
of us actually had to throw the melon away. But the cendol was superb.

Fried chicken at THB10 per piece.
The spicy one is nice.

We chat with a Perak guy on our way back. He was there with his wife and 2 buddies and he actually invited us to join him for a Ladyboy Show which we politely declined. It cost THB500 which we think should be spend more wisely. We ended up our night with snacks, beers and instant noodles. They were cheap.

The next day, we were only left with a short morning as we were to head to the airport at 12pm. So, we hanged out along Ao Nang street and continued our foodploration.

 Another round of pancake (THB40). This time we
chose egg but it tasted just like roti telur.
Should have gone back for something different.

 Walls ice cream - sweetcorn and cendol but meh... 

We even tried Thai durian there. Walking out in the open eating durian was plainly weird. The moment we opened the plastic wrap, we can smell the durian but it was totally my first and last after the bite.

 The durian meat was hard and we can't really taste the strong flavour of durian when it's in the mouth. Malaysia durian way better and speaking of the devil, have you gone for durian buffet since it's durian season now.  

Along the streets of Ao Nang, nearer to The Small, you can see small little stalls and there's where we had lunch.

Pineapple fried rice with shrimp, seafood tum yum gong
and coconut water (THB210)

The food was awesome. The pineapple friend rice was authentic even though it don't look good in this picture. The "wok hei" was good and they were generous with the pineapples where every single bite of rice has pineapple inside. Tom yum was again not spicy (probably because it's a tourist area) but the seafood wasn't a lot.

Overall, the whole trip was a fun experience since we only want a relaxing getaway. There wasn't a lot of things to shop there. The pricing is as good as our pasar malam but food was definitely cheap cheap and good good.