Be there, be present

I've been very quiet in my blog for few months because I've been spending more time with my family. Which means being away from my computer and phone as much as I could. No computer, no phone, no internet = no blogging. For me my handphone is unavoidable for some occasion but some times, I'm quite addicted to it. Unwilling to let it go...

Bow head group is a direct translation from the Chinese term 低头族. It simply refers to smartphone addict. It's as simple as referring to people who bow down looking at their phone all the time.  

低头 in Chinese also means surrender. When people are guilty, they will bow down or look away. We are all guilty of surrendering to our own smartphone.

Captured this while I was on a trip down to Penang with the Instagrammers.
Yes, majority is looking at their phone because of them posting on Instagram but can we do it later even though INSTAgram means INSTAnt?

While the rest are on the phone, look at the genuine laughter of the two chatting away. And to tell you that they just met that day is not me trying to over exaggerate. Have we forgotten about talking to each other face to face?

We are addicted to our smartphone so badly that even when we are out with loved one, we are still looking down at our phones. Should we just talk or chat on the phone instead of coming out and gather? There are times when people would just said this 'can you place your phone on my forehead so that you are looking at me instead?'

I tried my best not to use my phone when I'm out with anyone and focus on conversing but I will still reinstate to using phone when every single person on the table is on their phone. They made me feel silly not doing anything at all. Looking at them and not having anything to talk to is so awkward. That awkward moment.

Imagine you doing this to your parents. What's the point being there with them when you are stuck on your phone? Are you really there accompanying them or are you there making them feel even more sad? Would it be better for you to be away than to be there with them? You are not even present. You are not even communicating with them. And to say you are accompanying them. Really?

Please put your phone down when you are with your loved one. Cherish the moment you have with them. Be there, be present.

Even if the people you are with are acquaintances, be there. Get to know a person by face and not virtually.