Manoah Bloggers Appreciation

Haven't go out for some time at night with loads of work and prep for my 3 big events this coming 8 Sep. 3 events in a day - gan jiong max. Finally got an excuse for myself to go out at night as Manoah did a bloggers appreciation night at iDarts Quad, Sunway Giza with free flows of Asahi...

Thanks Don and Manoah for the invitation.

 With Janice

It's been almost a year since I was introduced to Manoah thanks to Janice. I was there at Kiss Me event as her partner and there started my journey with Manoah. It's been an awesome journey not just being expose to events and products but being able to meet more people with various experiences. I learnt more and thus able to share more.

Started off playing darts with Duncan. He said it's his first time there but he's so talented. By end that night, he was flying darts like an expert. It looks easy but I'm super lousy. All my darts flew down to the floor and only one made it. I wanna find lubang to hide or can an expert teach me how to do it?

Just found out the reason why people always aimed for the centre of the board. The nearer the dart is to the centre, the less point is deducted. Everyone begins with a point and marks are deducted with every dart landed on the board.

Each round, we have to fly 3 darts.

It also takes a lot of practices and skills to play darts. It's a professional games (sports) for some. No wonder all my ex-colleagues are addicted to it and can always be found hanging out at iDarts - Sunway Giza or Scott Garden. They even have their own sets of darts. OMG! Can you all teach me some techniques?

Pretended to fly darts. Pic credit to Janice

In actual facts, we were playing cards and drinking Asahi while we leave the experts with the darts machine.

And loads of photo taking:

We keep asking Duncan to take our pic but we totally forgotten to him to take pic together *Guilty* Let's remember to take pic together next time.

Happy Birthday Manoah.

It's my first time at iDarts and surprisingly, the music there is awesome. Only to find out that it's actually played by professional DJs there. It's a good place to hang out with friends.

Find out more at iDarts Quad Facebook page

iDarts Quad
Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Operating hours: 6pm - late (daily)

Thanks Asahi Malaysia for the free flow beer. Had a good time drinking and catching up with the girls.

 Last pic before we left.