The Guardian of the Galaxy

Before I continue with my Krabi day 2 & 3 which will take long hours to blog, let's do a short one on The Guardian of the Galaxy.

This is an awesome movie and definitely not a show to be missed. Guardian of the Galaxy by Marvel is not as popular as the big shows like X-Men, Wolverines.... but it's worthwhile watching. It's unlike the usual Marvel heroes but I find it very enjoyable especially the heroes ain't actually heroes but 'criminals'.

The whole story is humorous. I've been laughing from the start til the end but some where towards the end I was sad with the sacrifice made (not going to reveal it). The movie gets your emotion all heighten up. A mix of happy, excitement, sadness, curiousity.

The music (the oldies) are perfectly blended in to the movie. You get to enjoy all the old songs without feeling like an ol'chap. Definitely an "Awesome Mix".

If I were to use 1 sentence to say how good it is, it will be "I'm Groot" - watch the movie to understand this ;)

I can't hardly wait for Part 2 and Awesome Mix vol 2. Thanks Churp Churp for the Premiere passes.

Rating: 6/7