Belvedere Light Up My Night

My previous post on Belvedere Light Up Your Night party was before the event and definitely a rather different party all together. At the entrance, they had a snow tree LED lit structured and people's picture is placed there for a month which means yesterday. Public can vote for their favourite and the best walks away with a gift which means the result should be out soon. I wonder who won...

Here to my experience at this rather different party... Of course the main hero was still the Jeroboam Belvedere Bear. Love it but didn't manage to capture a picture together with it :( Apparently the bear figure is super expensive to be constructed. No wonder it's so special.

Back to event where they mentioned that there will be quirky engagements and that's so true. I wasn't expecting much from the event until they announced the 'quirky engagements' that night. I was already mingling around with a 'long never meet' friend prior to that. Initially I thought the lanyard I received at the entrance was just another media lanyard. I wasn't even looking at it until the emcee, Will Quah started the announcement that the lanyards are different between the girls and the guys.

Girl lanyard is white in colour while the guy is blue.
The tags are transparent with interesting captions.

Both genders are supposed to mingle around and if you find the 'one' most interesting person, you are supposed to pass the lanyard to him/her. No giving to the member of the same gender. In my case, I received a white lanyard but from a guy =.= That makes me having 2 white lanyards and was teased by the emcee.

We were given stickers with different captions such as 'Buy me a Belvedere', 'Dance with Me', 'Ask Me for My Number', etc so that we can break the ice and chat with the other person.

Met Ashleigh who came over from Gucci event.
Photo from Ashleigh's instagram

With the lovely people.
Photo credits to Jaz Khai

They served 3 different mix that night 



and lemonade... *pic not available as the one I shot was very blur.

 Melody preferred lemonade while my own preference was cranberry. Both of us least favored Orange.

The event ended with the winners who received the most lanyards from the Tag Me! lanyard engagement. The most 'desired' female and male both walked away with an impressive illuminated 70cl bottle of Belvedere Vodka each.

The most desired female winner.

The night didn't end there as everyone continued to party til it was wee hours of the night. When we left, it was already almost 3am in the night. I was stopped by the police on our way back and this is really my first time being stopped from driving after I drank. Managed to remain calm as I was already so awake and clear that night since it was way past my sleeping time. I was seriously freaking out inside since a friend's friend was stopped by the police and got detained for only drinking a bottle of beer for the entire night. Seriously, the alcohol limit in Malaysia is 0.08 BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) and he was brought to the police station. I had stopped drinking at 12am and 'pretended' I was drinking with the peeps there but was still worry if the policeman wanted to create any trouble when he poke his head into my car. Luckily he just asked us to drive safe. After that incident, I did some reading on drinking and driving. Here's to knowing your limit and don't drink and drive or drive after you have wait til the alcohol is gone from your body like I did. Call Uber to be safe instead of driving. Drink responsibly.

*Updated on Uber as it's still legal in Malaysia. Only Uber X not.