Seventh - 守夜 Movie Review

It's raining right now... What's better than to write a review on a horror movie *big grin*

I've been writing movie review since 2010 and this is the first that I got the chance to attend a grand movie premiere gala with all the artists and director being there at the same time.

 Director & main actor/artists on stage with emcees for some Q&A before the main launch.

 With the pretty ladies all ready for the movie

Seventh is a local Malaysian film by Ryon Lee who has written the scripts for several good local productions including 'Woohoo Big Day", "Great Day" and "The Journey". 

I rarely have a summary of movie in my reviews because you can easily find one on Google. As I can find Seventh's summary only in Chinese version, I decided to include this part in to let you decide if you (mostly bananas like I do) wanna watch the movie. Yes, that's what I do... I read movie summary before I watch it if I'm unsure what the storyline is about.

The Story
This movie revolves around the story of 大炮 (Da Pao) aka Cannon and Mimi who participate in a supernatural photography contest organised by a website to win a huge amount of money. In order to do so, they travel to a village where the famous Chan Mansion is situated at. The mansion is well-known for being haunted with ghosts.

Cannon (Teddy Chin) and Mimi (Kim 邓绣金)

The couple goes to the haunted mansion and meets Yi, the grandson of the housekeeper, Uncle Ng [黄] who just happens to past away before they arrived. The movie looks at the Chinese funeral culture whereby there will be a seven-day wake (守夜) and the 3 of them started to encounter "weird stuff" (supernatural activity) in all the seven nights of the wake.

Yi played by the handsome Gino from Taiwan.

 Last minute spotted Gino and managed to get a picture with him.

My verdict
As a horror movie fan, I would say that this is a rather different horror movie. The movie has little horror element apart from the appearance of ghosts (Conjuring is not that scary for me). I would say that this movie has an edge instead of a horror movie, I would say it's more of a heartwarming comedy. Can I call it a dark humour movie? I can't stop laughing at all the lame jokes in it. Kim's acting skill is very good for creating all the funny parts. She really kills it and a great partnership with Teddy Chin.

Apart from being funny, the movie is very heartwarming emphasizing on family, relationship with flashback of childhood memories.

The director included Malaysian flavour in it with the appearance of a local ghost - hantu susu or Milk Ghost (the one featured in the poster) together with a Malay song entitled "Sayang-sayang". Surprisingly Gino is able to sing the song perfectly without sounding like someone who doesn't know BM.

The ghost with the scary face don't appear much. Majority of the time, the Milk Ghost was pretty looking.

Me with a fake Hantu Susu

With the pretty 'ghost' - Mindee Ong (from Singapore)

You are some how alerted when the next ghost will appear with all the sound effects. So, if you are scared of horror movie, this is one which you can watch. One of the blogger initially prepared a scarf to cover her face but she ended up watching the whole movie without covering up.

The story has a twist at the end of the story. At the end of the movie, I heard some people saying that it's rather confusing but for someone who is accustomed with the Chinese tradition of housekeepers, maids, 'mansion', funeral and beliefs, I could some how relate to it. Before you become confused, you just have to take note that the Chinese believes that when you past away, you will not know it and your soul will be roaming your funeral area, doing things as if you are still alive until the 7th night where you finally 'realize' and 'return' to see your loved one (回魂).

The cinematography is good. The movie is gloomy and dark to create the creepy feeling. The ghost don't look fake at all and jive into the picture nicely. The only part that needs improvement is the CGI nearing to the end of the movie. It's very fake.

Overall, the movie is okay. If you are go there with no expectation of a horror fan, you will some how enjoy the story and if you are more familiar with the Chinese beliefs, you will some how be appreciative of what's happening in the story. As usual, I like movies that has take outs and although it's a cliche for us to cherish our loved ones before we regret it, people still take them for granted. This movie served as a gentle reminder to us all.

The movie is officially releases in the cinema 16 October onwards. Let me know your verdict after watching it whether you agree or disagree with me.