Taste the French Way of Life

And the 'party' continuous... Kronenbourg 1664 is bringing laughter to you out there tomorrow night at TDH, Oasis Square, Ara Damansara.

What's better than spending a night fill with humours after one-week of work. It's Friday night and it's part of Kronenbourg 1664's quest to encourage work-life balance. There will be Taste the French Way of Life event tomorrow with Comedy Night.

Again I'm being slow with the happenings here as this is the fifth event from 'Taste The French Way of Life'. They had previously have a Rooftop bbq, a movie night, darts night and Dining in the Dark. OMG... I've never dined in the dark and that must be a fun experience.

And so, back to this weeks event, expect a night fill of laughing into tears with laughter-inducing experts the good boy gone bad - KuahJenhan

Photo credits to Clive

the comic with more spin than a high speed turbine - Andrew Netto

Photo credits to andrewnetto.com

and comedy crusader - Phoon Chi Ho

Photo credits to tapaitapai.blogspot

And why do we call it 'Taste the French Way of Life' when there's nothing French about it? The best part has yet to be revealed........... Jeng jeng jeng

Photo credits to timchew.net

Kronenbourg 1664 Hammer Machine is making a re-appearance here for the ultimate stress-relieve meditation. While the flip book is here to capture those worthy moments plus the chances to win the iconic Kronenbourg 1664 Eiffel tower beer tower and a limited edition Kronenbourg 1664 mini cooler.

Do come join me to have a free and easy moment, laughing to the jokes and comedy by the experts while enjoying a bottle of Kronenbourg 1664 and dinner (one main dish) at only RM48. What better way than to end the long week with a good ol' dinner, drinks and laughter. Get your tickets at TDH outlets, Oasis Square and TTDI.

Saturday night you have Guinness Amplify while Friday, you have Kronenbourg 1664 Taste the French Way of Life. It's time to party especially with Oktoberfest around the corner. You can now look forward to Friday nights as the fun don't just stop tomorrow. Spend quality time with loved ones and friends at any of the events below:

17 Oct - Food Marchè (Marchè refers to food in a market place. I'm guessing The Curve)
7 Nov - Broadway show
5 Dec - Kronenbourg 1664 Year-End party

For more information, visit Kronenbourg 1664 Facebook page

Btw, just saw their activation video which is fun. Forgive me and my '职业病' (occupational disease). TGIF guys ;)