The Book of Life Review

It's been a while since I watched an animation (maybe a month ago. Not that long lar) but this is a nice and heartwarming one. Though the storyline is predictable like any cartoon, this animation has a Mexican flavour to it with the story revolving around the holiday - Day of the Dead.

The story was told by a pretty guide to a group of 'problematic' children during their field trip to a museum. As majority of the animations, the story revolves around a love story and this - a triangle love story between 3 childhood friends and the fight to win their dream girl. The entire animation reminded me of Tim Burton's Corpse Bridge but in a colourful way.

It has a very vivid imagination with the Land of the Remember and Land of the Forgotten. "Land of the Remember" is a vibrant and colourful place. It's said that souls of loved one, those who were remembered will go to there and enjoys their afterlife partying and having fun.

While those souls who have no one remembering them will fall to the black and white, creepy Land of the Forgotten and slowly rots there til they become ashes/dust and then mere nothing.

It's rather different seeing that the Day of the Dead was actually cheerful where memories of loved one are held dear than to recalling all the sad moments. A lesson where young ones can learn about death that they should not fear of recalling their loved one as it's full of sweet memories and most of all, you will never forget them for some how, they have a place in our heart.

A nice movie for family with kids to watch especially when it's so vibrant, colourful, well-animated and of course the songs inside are awesome. I love the songs inside. They are catchy while some has so meaningful lyric. I particularly love the song sang by Manolo where he was confessing his love to Maria. And the cute 'Chuy' in the movie just makes you go awwww...

Rating: 6/10

The previous animation was Boxtroll which I find it average only.

It's a lighthearted animation and of course humourous. Troll is a hideous creature yet they have a good heart. It's like "never judge a book by its cover". Overall it's okay but I guess it's just not my type of animation. I had a good laugh here and there but I wouldn't go for a second round.

Rating: 3.5/10

Thanks Churp Churp for the premiere passes for both movies.