Din Tai Fung - Taiwanese Set Menu

It’s been a while since I had Xiao Long Bao (steamed pork dumpling) and this is my first time ever to have a Chinese course meal that comes with it. Din Tai Fung has just recently released 2 Chinese course sets with Xiao Long Bao as part of the meal. Set 1 caters to 4 pax and Set 2 for 6 pax (with additional 4 dishes in the menu and an additional dessert).

While waiting for our main course, our Appetizer of the Day is Din Tai Fung House Special 招牌小菜:

You can order it individually at RM6.90

This dish is of mix veges and chili. This dish is very dependent on individual preferences. It’s refreshing to start off with. It is slightly sour and has an extremely mild spiciness in it that it’s barely notable.

Served together at the same time is the Shaoshing Wine Marinated Chicken.

Individual order RM15.90

The chicken has a very subtle Shaoshing wine taste. I personally prefer to have stronger alcohol taste. The Shaoshing wine taste is a little lighter because of the Taiwanese style of cooking and I respect it.

Then finally is the Xiao Long Bao (6 pcs) which if serve really hot would be awesome. This dish is a traditional Chinese dish of minced pork wrapped in a delicate dough skin and be very careful when you eat it. I love how it is just right and the only thing was that we took a little long to take picture that it gets cold and if it’s cook a little more so that the skin is softer.

Individual order at RM11.20/6pcs or RM17.80/10pcs

Crab Roe and Pork Xiao Long Bao up next (the first dish not in Set 1 (4 pax)). The addition of crab roe creates a very strong distinguish between the original version. The crab roe covers the taste of the minced pork. I personally prefer the traditional dish.

They have this tiny cute little crab shape to differentiate between the original flavor and 
the one with crab roe. Individual order at RM16.20/6pcs or RM25.80/10pcs

And they also have the Steamed Shrimp and Pork (6 pcs). The difference for this is they added in shrimp into the dish and it’s a good combination. And though it’s wrapped differently, there’s still the essence inside it.

Individual order at RM12.20/6pcs or RM19.80/10pcs

Do you know?
Do you know that the proper way to eat it is to bite a small hole & drink the essence first? Then add the ginger (with vinegar & soy sauce) and savour it. Never dip it into the vinegar as it will mask the flavour. Just add a few shred of ginger will do. And 1 thing I learnt that night - 3 portion of vinegar and 1 portion of soya sauce.

The next dish is Fried Pork Chop which is good. The fried pork chop is tender and juicy.

This dish is not in Set 1 (4 pax) too. Individual order RM13.00

And what’s Chinese meal without soup? They have the House Steamed Chicken Soup which I can tell is pure chicken soup without any MSG and not oily at all. Yessss my colleagues and friends called me the “thermostat/indicator” because I start to get skin allergic/reaction towards MSG or artificial preservatives if there’s too much. Lol…

And of course Chinese people cannot live without rice and we have our Shrimp Fried Rice in the menu.

2 portions of this and look at the amount of shrimps… Yumssss... Individual order RM17.90

Best part is this is not the only shrimp dish. We have the Prawn with Salted Egg Yolks. That’s the killer for me since I love seafood with salted egg yolks.

Individual order RM34.50

And I love my greens though I’m a picky eater but they have the baby string beans 豆苗 that I like… Reminds me of home. 

Stirred Fried Baby String Beans with Minced Pork. Individual order RM21.50

By this time, we were so full. A six pax meal which I think can feed 8 small eaters. We have 5 girls and 1 guy on the dining table that night. The meal consists of 2 more noodles – Fragrant Spring Onion & Shredded Pork Noodle and Noodle with Minced Pork in Bean Sauce. We cancelled one and go on with the fragrant spring onion & shredded pork noodle:

Individual order RM16.50

It’s a very simple dish and it takes a good cook to make this dish good. The simplest dish is always the hardest to satisfy the customer and this noodle is just right in taste.

And 1 more side dishes to accompany it: The Spicy Vegetable and Pork Wanton. It’s spicyyyyy. Yes… I’m bad with spicy food but it’s not that spicy. I can still take it without having to gulp down a glass of water.

Look at the chili oil… Individual order RM12.00/6pcs

Although I say that we are all full, there’s always… and I really mean ALWAYS room for dessert no matter how full I get.

Steam Red Bean Dumpling with a rich red bean (not overly sweet). And Steamed Taro Dumpling which is yam… Both best taken when it’s still hot.

Take a guess which is which

I personally am a red bean lover and that’s red bean over taro. And yes… Set 2 has red bean as the additional dessert. Woohoo...

Both sets are very reasonable. Why? With so many dishes in each set, it’s actually not as expensive as a table we find at restaurants out there that can easily cost up to RM800-RM1000. The traditional 10 course wedding meal is just too mainstream and overly priced. Set 1 is 10 dishes too while Set 2 has 15 dishes on its menu. Yes, we can’t compare the dishes/menu but this is a definitely a more decent family meal. And you get to savour a traditional Taiwanese Chinese meal that is slightly tweaked to suits the local flavour.

We had our dinner at Din Tai Fung outlet in Empire Shopping Gallery. Slightly different from the one in Pavilion, this outlet offers more privacy as it has its separators.

7/10 (A good Chinese meal set for the family)

Total damage:
We may have eaten a lot but this Set 2 is only RM278 while Set 1 is RM158.

Address: Din Tai Fung @ Empire Subang, Empire Shopping Gallery (G-15), Ground Floor, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DinTaiFungMalaysia