New Experience with Strongbow Apple Ciders

For having stayed at home for the almost 5 long days studying for exam and taking a breather was definitely relieving. Imagine the perfect drink to start the evening, icy cold... An alternative to mainstream drinking of the usual beers, wines and hard liquor... the Strongbow Apple Ciders and ending the night with a heartwarming movie with the Nuffnangers - The Big Hero 6. That's definitely a good refreshing break for the mind before I start  binge studying again for being a last minute student.

So, there I was at 31 Studio, a familiar place for my previous shoots but still directionless to get there. Never know why I can never get my directions right to this place. I always have 2 different extremes - extremely good in directions even I've only been to that place once or extremely bad that I'll get lost no matter how much effort I put in to remember the roads and landmarks. Aiks...

The place was totally turnaround and I specifically love the salad bar.

The fun part of this Strongbow event is the unveiling of 3 new variants to the Apple Cider family. This offers a fresh new experience with the brand especially consumers can now have more choices to suit their individual tastes.

As we wanted to be able to try all 3 variants at one go to make better comparison, Janice, Jamie and I decided to take one variant each.

Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold has more apples added into the original. With a warm golden yellow and a pleasant dash of green apple note, the taste is not far from the original yet offers a more light aftertaste of bittersweet.

If you want something more unique, head over to Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey as it has the saccharine aroma of honey added in to the crisp taste of apple that gives a twist to it. Just like a fragrance that has different notes when it sets, this cider contains a unique golden bronze hue and ends with a refreshing hint of rhubarb for a fruity finish.

I can't decide if I love Honey better of the last addition to the family - Strongbow Apple Cides Elderflower. This variant is a blend of elderflower and lime that gives the sweet floral aroma, along with hints of Muscat and fresh litchi fruits. Floral and fruity, the Elderflower is definitely outstanding especially the infusion of fresh lime adds a natural zest to the palate.

 Photo credits to Duncan

Both the Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold and Honey contain 5% ABV (alcohol per volume) while Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower contains 4.5% ABV.

My two new favourites now - Honey & Elderflower. Each is unique in their own way and therefore I can't decide who's number 1.

And yes, Strongbow Apple Ciders is a perfect drink in the afternoon too because drinking tea is too mainstream (again) especially on a hot sunny afternoon. Imagine enjoying Strongbow Apple Ciders at it's fullest with it's bottle well-chilled at around 3-4°C. And here's a tip to get 'The Perfect Serve' to enjoy maximum refreshment:
  1. Fill a Strongbow glass with approximately 1/3 of ice cubes.
  2. Take a chilled bottle of Strongbow or Strongbow draught and pour over ice
You can start enjoying these new variants at on- and off- trade premises starting next month. Can't wait to get hold of them again.