Taste the French Way of Life

It's been a while since I've posted anything. Been juggling between work & study lately. Exam is coming early December and I'm only in Chapter 2. Suddenly feel like an old Chinese saying: 平时不烧香,临时抱佛脚 (Have to Google to find this idiom since I'm a banana. Lol). The meaning of it is 'at normal times, we don't pray. However, at the last minute of something happening, we will pray to God for help'.

Oh... if you do not know by now, I'm actually pursuing a professional qualification and since I do not have the relevant degree, I've to start from bottom. It will take me longer but why not MBA then or what I've initially planned to do - Master in Communication? That's because MBA is nolonger sort after by employers. Employers nowadays prefer somebody who has a qualification that is more sector specific. Master in Communication is okay but how far would that take me to?

So, I've been busy preparing for work and study for the past few weeks...

Meeting the PM at a conference just the other day and he's within steps away.
I guess that's the closest I can get to a country leader.

I think I need some work life balance now and remember I talked about Kronenbourg French Way of Life? And it's so fast that it's been a month ago! I really need a break! It's gonna be the 7th of the French Way of Life event. 2nd final event before Kronenbourg Year-End party on 5 Dec.

I had so much fun laughing to Andrew Netto and Kuah Jenhan's stand up comedian jokes at the previous 'Comedy Night'. It's been ages since I've been to one. The most I would is to watch on YouTube. Watching live is completely awesome. The most epic is Phoon Chi Ho's joke.

Phoon Chi Ho onstage

I could never look at dancing the same way it would be. Can you believe that dancing is all about killing/avoiding cockroach or 'salah parking' for guys? From the oldies - Salsa, Twist, Elvis Presley to the traditional Malay, Indian, Chinese theater, Iban and to the modern Gangnam Style - it's all related to cockroach (my biggest fear). And most of all, Michael Jackson, I can never enjoy your music without remembering Phoon Chi Ho. I'm sure you do not know what I'm saying but you just missed out on something superbly funny.

And yes, we live in a super confused society:
Kuala Lumpur International Airport is located at Selangor while Royal Selangor Pewter is located at Kuala Lumpur =.=

Granny: Ah boy, don't just sit there and do nothing. Come help with the house chores. Girls don't like fat boys.
Granny: Ah boy, finish everything left on the dining table. Girls don't like thin boys.

Everyone had a good session that night. Spot me in the pic ;)
Me enjoying Kronenbourg while holding it for Li Chuen to take a pic.
Didn't know I was in the frame due to the fish eye frame. Lol.

I'm so looking forward to this Friday night...

It's going to be the French Way of Life - Broadway Night. Happening at Nexus Auditorium, Bangsar South from 7pm onwards. Delve into the world of melodious story-telling musical theater by the talented thespians of Broadway Academy. Their repertoire includes various critically acclaimed production including 'Dreamgirls The Broadway Musical', 'Shout! The Mod Musical' and 'Rodgers & Hammerstein's Some Enchanted Evening'.

And of course, the most look forward musical would be LesMiserables and Moulin Rouge. Both set in France with different story background - the former on working for a living and taking a stand to take back your life while the latter is on a care-free take on life. Such extreme yet both happening at France.

And that's not all, the final act of this enthralling journey paints a picture of our reality through contemporary music from well-known songs such as Pharell’s ‘Happy’ and Dolly Parton’s ‘9 to 5’. Hence, proving that no matter where, when or what you are doing, it’s always good to just take a breather and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

So, here are the 2 ways  to join in the night:
1) Purchase 2 pints of Kronenbourg 1664 from Eau De Vie, Nexus, Bangsar South
2) Head to Kronenbourg Facebook to RSVP and purchase the ticket at RM30 only.

Both ways entitle you to the following:
  • One (1) entry to the Broadway Show
  • Two (2) bottles of Kronenbourg 1664
  • International buffet spread for one (1)
Find out more at Kronenbourg Facebook. See you guys there on Friday night.