Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2

I remember the first sequel to of this movie - Don't Go Breaking My Heart. The memory of watching this movie and the storyline is still fresh in my mind. I loved the movie a lot and the emotion was so strong that I even rated it 7/7

The second part of this movie continues from the first story. Cheng ZiXin and Qi Hong are a month away from their wedding and Shen Ran remains the player. Zi Xin meets Shen Ran again while he is dating her boss, Yeung Yang Yang (Miriam Yeung)

The storyline continues from there with the usage of songs from the previous movie 爱。很简单 and 我愿意 which gives the sense of familiarity and continuity. I loved both songs and another new song was introduced to this movie that ensures the blossom of another relationship with the new character - Paul (Vic Chou). Yes, the new song is the one in the trailer 没那么简单.

The movie remains true to the previous with the incorporation of love and humour. The love stories in the movie are much more complicated - 2 triangle loves with one character involving in both. However, this latest addition to the story does not have the same impact on the emotion as per the first sequel - love 爱, sweetness 甜, touched 感动... The emotions are there but not that strong.

It is obvious from the first sequel who Zi Xin loves more but I prefer that the director should leave the story as how it is. They should leave the decision as it is even though the movie seems unfinished. It still makes a bigger impact than to making her make a 2nd time decision.

Rating: 4/10

Is love really that simple? 爱。。。真的简单吗?