#OhhSOME Fest

Did anyone of you meet David Choi or Wong Fu last weekend?

Yes… They were here last week for Hotlink #OhhSOME fest on Saturday (10am - 11pm) and Sunday (10am - 6pm). For all you social media enthusiast, #OhhSOME in short for Ohh Social Media has been organized to celebrate the glory of social media in Malaysia with a cross-platform event that is first of its kind in Malaysia.

And when it comes to social media, definitely we can’t miss out all our favourite social media personnel from local artists – Skyward (TheMingThing), JinnyBoyTV, Elizabeth Tan, etc to international – David Choi and Wong Fu Productions.

A little teaser first

The fest begins early in the day from 10am with #Ohhsome Bazaar, Talks and more. I reached Avenue K near to 6pm and missed out the Bazaar :( I managed to go through a few stalls behind going in for the #OhhSOME Stage. The Bazaar consists of urban streetwear to accessories all from local brands and arts. Too bad I missed out all the great deals earlier in the day.

However, I didn’t miss out in joining in the crowd from the lovely music. The #OhhSOME Stage brings together famous YouTubers. And I reached just in time to watch the last performance by Jon Liddell.

 Jon Liddell up on stage for his last song for the day. He was back on Sunday.

After that, I had an enjoyable moment with Skyward (TheMingThing). Surprisingly as I never knew that they sing and it was awesome, entertaining and funny especially their rendition of Taylor’s Swift’s “Shake It Off”.

Love the last song by them: Secrets by One Republic

While the stage takes play, ALL of these were happening:

Bubbles playing

Reverse bungee jump – being throw high up of a building’s rooftop.
OMG can’t imagine me screaming in a crowd while there’s performance ongoing.

And Skyfie. Never heard of this? Lie down on the board and take your
very own picture from the camera hanging up high.

After that decided to head for my first meal of the day before coming back fully fuel and energized for the next performance.

Came back to see Elizabeth Tan’s performance. The schedule was different but luckily I didn’t miss her performance.

She’s hot an OhhSOME. Photo credits to Jackie Loi. Came back and was standing super far away and given my height, can’t get to capture any nice shot.

We had Joyce Chu (better known as四葉草). She performed two songs – Like Me and Malaysia Charbor. Only Malaysia Charbor is okay. The other was not that great. Way lots of room for improvement. 

And next up, of course is David Choi!!! All the way from L.A.

The best shot I can get with my iPhone 4S plus all the glaring stage lights and white smokes.

His songs are awesome from Missing Piece to By My Side. I had an enjoyable night with all the great music although I was alone there because my friend’s interview was dragged longer than our agreed time to meet up.

This first-ever #OhhSOME Fest is organized by a team of social media activists and agencies. The first social media festival created by the internet community, for the local internet community. It’s a joint collaboration between key pioneers behind Malaysia’s emerging social media community and Hotlink. Thanks to the team for bringing this first of its kind social media party and I look forward to more to come.

Visit http://ohhsome.my for more details :)

And oh… I didn’t stay for Wong Fu Productions because it’s too late for me to walk back to my car and here’s photo from Jackie Loi of them: