2015 Resolution

Happy New Year everyone. I'm back! Not 100% but at least I have more time since exam is over until the next paper which will be in a few months time.

Usually by this time, I would have done my resolution and of course reviewing my 2014 resolution. My 2014 resolution was only 1 - taking care of my health but I don't think I've achieved much about it as I'm still very weak and I've not rebuild my antibody from last it was affected.

Reflecting over the break at home without internet connection, I realised something... why do we only rewrite our story at the start of the new year? A new blank page for us to start again. A 365 empty pages. However, if we get a page wrong, we neglect the book or just give up because it's imperfect. It's almost similar to my planner - it's always very neat at the beginning of the year and few months later, it's so messy that I don't really like it any more though people still find it very tidy...

Pic credit to Google

Then, why not we treat every day as a blank sheet with a new chance to encounter things differently? Life has its ups and downs. From there, we connect each pages into a book instead of writing from a 365-page book, we are just writing into a new page every day and compile it into a book. I don't know if I sound confusing but then, we wouldn't give up just because 1 page is imperfect. We write a new pager every day.
Pic credit to Google

I still can make a new resolution and follow it every day instead of trying to achieve it in a year.
I'll still keep my 2014 resolution to maintain my health. In addition is to pass my exams. I need to be more discipline to achieve my goal this year. Let's keep it this way and I'll write on new pages and goals as I go :)