BMon Cafe

With the trend of #cafehopkl, what's the latest cafe you have visited? I've been visiting a lot of cafes over November and December as I need a place to study for my exam. Why cafes? Because being a part time student and also self studying, a lot of self discipline is required. Being home is too comfy and I start slacking and get distracted too easily - going online, sleeping, cooking, eating, cleaning, reading other books...

It's not easy to find one cafe that provides a good ambiance for studying especially when it gets too noisy, yellow lighting or dark. Here to #throwback to the last cafe I visited back in 2014 which I find it to be a nice, condusive place for studying and work too (not during lunch hour as the crowd is noisy). And best of all, student enjoys 10% off.

A group having discussion and studying there.

Amongst the midst of preparing for exam which falls on 30 December, I managed to head over to Bmon Cafe with a few foodies. Bmon is a character created by one of the cafe owner inspired by DoraEmon. In Chinese, Bmon stands for 必梦 and direct translation is "must dream". We all must have dream(s) to chase after. Me, myself holding on to words of inspiration by Mr Walt Disney "IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT".

Bmon character

All the drawing and design in the cafe comes from Roy. It's quite a cozy ambiance and the drawings on the wall remind me of Crayon Shin Chan for the character's shape, Totoro and some other Studio Ghibli cartoons, and also the cartoon 'Up'.

A cozy seat looking out from 'a window in a train'.

Picture credit to Bmon FB

And I'll leave it to your exploration on the rest of the drawings there.

One of the Bmon drawing in the cafe and you can visit the FB page for more.

While waiting for the rest to come, I ordered my usual:

Hot chocolate RM10

The chocolate is very rich, milky and creamy. It's not too sweet. My personal preference is still darker chocolate and a little more bitter.

I didn't realize they have honey milk and it's appearance reminds me of Winnie The Pooh

And one of their chef recommendation:

Bmon Plants RM13

We started off our dinner with salad

Fruit salad and caesar salad (either with tuna or chicken mayo) RM10.90

Don't let its outlook fool you as this salad is served not just with fresh lettuce leaves, purple cabbages, tomatoes, chicken/tuna, crouton and dressing but with lots of other ingredients including pineapples, raisins, apples, strawberries, grapes. That's a very nice combi for a simple salad and I actually enjoy it a lot apart from the capsicum inside it.

And we had breakfast for dinner...

All day breakfast RM16.90

This is more of your typical big breakie cum brunch. 1 thing that you just need to be aware of is that it has beef and all non beef eater needs to be careful about it.

Followed by Wrap

 The wrap comes in 3 choices - mushroom, chicken or tuna RM12.90

The wraps look the same in picture and the difference is the filling. We tried the tuna wrap & mushroom. The tuna wrap is very normal but I like the mushroom wrap. Inside of the mushroom wrap is 5 different types of shrooms - button mushroom, golden mushroom, oyster mushroom, shitake mushroom and a bit of portobello mushroom. I'm basically a shroom person wherever I go and as such, I enjoyed it a lot.

And then comes mushroom pizza which also has many different mushrooms in it. Needless to say more...

Mushroom pizza RM13.90

And the Hawaiian pizza (RM13.90) full of pineapples

Look at the over flowing amount of pineapples. It's in every bite.

The pizza reminds me of my brother & sister because we always fight for the piece with the most pineapples and I don't think we will fight over this any more. Yes, we are like small kids though we are in our twenties.

And there's more...

Chicken mayo sandwich RM13.90

Turkey ham sandwich RM14.90

The sandwiches are quite ordinary but the croissant bread makes the difference.
 Chicken mushroom carbonara RM13.90

Chicken Bolognese RM13.90

To be honest, I was quite full when we reached pasta time so I felt carbonara is too much for me. The bolognese is much more appetizing because of its sweet and sour flavour.

The last dish of the day is the star. Not to be missed

Hippo in the pond RM14.90

There's only 5 of this signature dish on sales each day. Be early because this hippo is sold out daily! A crispy golden outer layer, with mix of mashed potato, sweet corns, small pieces of hams, sausages, croquettes and salad inside, it's not an easy dish to be made and definitely a must try!

The most awesome part for all cheese lovers out there is the sauce. Sinful... This dish is meant for sharing (4-5 pax) and not meant to be taken alone. Considering the size and the amount of potato, trust me that you will be super "jelak" half way through.

Yes, I said I'm full but there's always room for dessert.

Chocolate mud with vanilla ice cream RM10

Rich in chocolate, this is again sinful. Just remember to eat immediately when it's serve. 1 very important point to enjoy the best of chocolate mud is eating it while it's hot.

Waffle with ice cream and fruits RM12.90

The waffle is served hot and crispy. However, it's still not able to satisfy my waffle craving. I'm a waffle girl and to me, the best waffle is one that you enjoy eating even without any toppings.

And they have seasonal drinks which is very unique and special.

1 of the many seasonal drink - Ruby Mocha for Christmas.

There was quite a number of drinks created for Christmas. I wonder what they will be creating for Valentine's or even CNY.

Thanks Travis and Jeff for organising this dinner :)

Rating: 6/10
Address: No 8-1 Jalan PJU 5/20B, The Strand Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (It's near The Strand Mall, same row as Jojo's Little Kitchen)
Operating hours: 11am - 11pm (daily)