Glamorous 1920 Party Of The Century

First grandiose party of the year - The Party Of The Century by Empire City was just last Friday. It's such a grand event, very Oscar like. This is my first ever party that's totally like those we see in the movies.

The main red carpet entrance...

 With pretty cars line up at the grand entrance

 The second entrance where the special shutter drops the rest of the attendees

Classic ride

Everyone was dressed to the nines

So Great Gatsby style

And to me, the main highlight of the event is meeting my favourite TVB star - Him Law, Sharon Chan & Eliza Sum. They literally were walking next to me.

Eliza Sum and Him Law

They were just a few steps away but since they were ushered by bodyguards, I can't stop them for a quick photo. The photo taken of Sharon Chan was blur so here's a photo credit to her instead:

That night event started off with performance by 2AM

All the way from Korea

Then, we have performance based on the 5 pillars of Empire City. From Design, Music

to Art - they finished drawing in just 2 minutes. So talented.

 Here's the final picture. Sorry the picture on the right is too bright.


I love the live violinist who can perform while he is hanging high

Not just that, she can even perform hanging upside down.

To the final pillar of Culture

And not to be missed out the stars...

Paris Hilton was literally posing on the stage

And I think the best performance of the night is definitely Taboo of Black Eyed Peas.

The soft launch of Empire City is definitely a limelight.

The first thing I want to try at Empire City is the ice rink. To be very honest, I've never try ice skating before. A friend who's currently residing in UK has promised me that when he comes back Malaysia permanently, he will teach me ice skating. What's better than trying it out at a Olympic-specification ice rink? The whole event was on the soon-to-be ice rink itself and that night, we have up to 6,000 guests and stars. I'm so looking forward to this development to be ready so that it will be another hang out place for me.