My Beauty Regime

I have always emphasized that skincare is always more important for lasting beauty regime instead of makeup. So, here's my recent beauty regime. Some are new to my regime as it comes from the beauty box received during the Butterfly Project Christmas Dinner.


Daily products

Cleanser: Garnier Sakura White Gentle Cleansing Foam (from beauty box)
This is the first time I used cleansing foam from Garnier as I've always been using Simple and a mixture of other products on and off. I still prefer something light especially since this is a whitening product, my skin feels that it requires more moisture after washing my face.

Toner: Guerlain Super Aqua Lotion (RM163 price as of 2013)
For extra moisture because of my combination skin, I use Guerlain Super Aqua Lotion. It's more gel like in nature and thus I only use a minimal amount for a total moisture but for area that is oily, I only do a quick sweep. Never ever use this at the eye area as it will give you oil seed. There are some toner that is delicate enough that it's safe to be used around the eye area such as Simple.

Day: Garnier Sakura White Moisturizing Cream (from beauty box)
My day moisturizer is always changing. I've been frequently swapping between Shiseido and other brand. This is not my first Garnier moisturizer. I've tried Garnier White, Garnier Light Complete and I tried not to use them so often because it makes the skin dry. However, I do still use them because of the whitening effect.

This is my first time using Garnier Sakura and I have to say, after application, my skin becomes more pinkish (natural pink) but it's still don't provide enough moisture. I'm quite lazy at times and I'm grateful that the product comes with SPF21/PA+++. I still skip my SPF which is not a very good habit.

To be fair, I'm constantly in this battle against using whitening products because it makes my skin dry yet I get to become fairer. The best whitening product that doesn't make the skin dries is still philosophy.

Night: hope in jar (high-performance moisturizer for all skin types) RM140
I've been using this since I was introduced to philosophy back in 2014. It really gives my skin the moisture that it needs. Still loving this product and the current is own purchase after I finished the one from the press kit. The only thing that I'm still not used to is the smell because it's not scented and I don't like its natural scent.

#throwback pic: just realized the first picture only shows the black cover.

Always 21 Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist (from beauty box)
This is my first gel mist and having to use a mist helps to keep the skin moisturized and refreshing in between a long day in the aircond and out under the hot sun. However, it's actually slightly thicker than ordinary mist and I still prefer something light.


 Once a week mask treatment

I consider myself not a brand loyal person when it comes to facial mask. I love to try around. So, here's the latest few mask that I've tried in 2015:

Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask (from beauty box)
I've always apply mask before I go to bed. 20-30 minutes and I'll massage my face. I must say that I wake up the next day with my face still fully hydrated.

Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet (from beauty box)
This is my first time using snail solution and it is a very moisturizing mask. I love how moisturizing it is because of my dry skin.

Kose Sekkisei Lotion Mask (won it from a gift away)
I can say that it does not have the moisturizing effect that I thought a mask will do. Probably because it's a whitening product, it's more dry than the usual moisturizing mask. Actually, when I opened the sheet of mask, I can already fill that it does not have much gel in it. After 15 minutes, the whole sheet becomes super dry and after removing it for like 5 minutes, it's completely dry like a sheet of paper. This mask is definitely not a mask that I'll repeat using.

The face is not the only part that needs to be taken care of. The hair and body too.

L'Occitane Arlesienne Velvet Hand Cream (from beauty box)

The hand is one important thing that will reveal a person's real age. In my office, we have a team bonding session between a few colleagues seating at the same island to apply hand cream together every morning. I've been using L'Occitane Creme Mains Dry Skin Hand Cream all this while and a change is nice. I love the light fragrance smell of the Arlessienne cream. It's more subtle and what's most important for a hand cream apart from moisturizing is not sticky. The cream absorbs fast and does not leave sticky feeling after applying.

Matrix Biolage SmoothProof Shampoo (from beauty box)

This shampoo is meant for coloured hair and since only the bottom part of my hair is still coloured, I can still assure you that it does help to bring the colour out. It's been almost more than a year since I coloured my hair and the colour is quite faded and unnoticed. However, each time I wash my hair and blow dry it, people tend to comment on my hair colour. I think it's a good thing but I'm deciding to either cut away the current 'leftover' coloured hair or dyeing it another colour.