Going organic - Jeanie Botanicals

I was introduced to Jeanie Botanicals by Jessica and thus, I started going organic early March.
Jeanie Botanicals products are from 100% raw, natural and organic ingredients such as herbs, butters, clays, nut and plant-based oils, salts, essential oils. They are made in small batches to ensure the product's life span because the products do not contain any synthetic chemicals nor preservative. The ingredients are certified organics and as such, you can rest assure about it.

Jeanie Botanicals product & sea salt from US

I started with the bath & body range with the hair & scalp treatment oil as well as Pure Castile Liquid Soap (Calendula/Chamomile)

Hair & scalp treatment
I used this product as a conditioner after shampooing my hair as well as hot oil treatment once weekly - leaving at least 60 minutes before shampoo & washing my hair.

50ml @ RM35

I'm not used to organic product as this is really my first time in trying one. I was not used to organic product at first especially replacing my hair mask with hot oil treatment. The difference: hot oil treatment is used before shampoo-ing while hair mask is after. I have to say that Jeanie Botanicals does not have organic shampoo and as such I'm still using my own shampoo - Herbal Essence.

What I like about it
  • Hair is soft, smooth and subtle.
  • Hair & scalp are deeply moisturized even though I don't apply any hair oil for few days.
  • Lesser hair fall and no longer frizzy in the morning.
  • I can some times skip blow drying my hair and not fret my hair to turn out frizzy and messy.
No more frizzy hair :)

What I don't like about it
  • After washing my hair, the smell of the treatment oil stays on. I'm not used to the smell of organic products as it's not the usual fragrance you get from the hair oil/mask. I'm slowly getting use to the smell and accepting it.
  • The hair appears to be very oily but in actual fact it's not.
  • The need to wash hair in the middle of the day
The below photo was meant for #igm_instamakan and instead I get to see the result after a month of using the hair & scalp treatment.

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Thanks Wei Tzen for this candid shot. My hair from top view looks so shiny and healthy. I totally didn't expect this... ^^

This product has a unique blend of 8 hair and scalp-enhancing herbs in 7 natural botanical oils to stimulate, nourish and restore natural shine to all hair types.

Do you know?
You can actually use it to condition nails & cuticles while men can use it as aftershave. I've not tried this though.

Pure Castile Liquid Soap (Calendula/Chamomile)

This body soap can be used on the face and is suitable for all skin types including babies.

240ml @ RM33
500ml @ RM49

What I like about it
  • Skin is soft and smooth.
  • Soap is very mild and moisturizing.
  • Very gentle on skin.
  • Skin is healthier. 
What I'm not used to
There's nothing I dislike about this product as it's nice to be used. The only thing I'm not used to is that it has very low lather unlike the usual body soaps that I used (which includes baby bath). It feels like I've not cleaned myself enough but I can say that it cleanses just as well as normal soap without leaving any grime or better known as 'daki' in BM. The fragrance smell of roman chamomile only lasted for a short period.
And so I was wondering how to take photo of my skin and decided that I can't show a before and after apart from 1 obvious part of my skin: my leg

I always have this extremely dry skin condition (on the left) and after using the Chamomile Bath, it has slowly lighten. I usually have to apply lotion twice daily to prevent such condition but I usually skip lotion before I sleep because I want my skin to be able to breath than to be 'clog' by chemicals. Now I do not have such concern :) Ignore the skin tone because I can't take the exact 100% similar photo.

I've started using the skincare range but I've decided to skip the review now because I've very bad pimple due to late night sleep and it's in recovery status and some scars :( I've skipped using the face oil as well when I had my pimple because I prefer my pimple to heal naturally.

About Jeanie Botanicals
Jeanie is a mum of one and she started handcrafting health and beauty products for children. She has tried many natural and organic brands in the market and was greatly disappointed because most popular brands still contained synthetic chemicals and preservatives that can cause irritation to the skin. Jeanie is determined to find a truly natural solution for her first born's skin irritation and she did researched and created her own.

She was amazed at the sheer healing powers of simple botanicals and natural remedies and passed her creations for others to try. When family and friends kept asking for more, she realized the potential of this opportunity and founded JEANIE BOTANICALS and retrained in skincare manufacturing, herbalism and natural remedies.

P/S: She doesn't create the product without any knowledge. Jeanie has been in the nutrition and wellness industry for over 10 years and has been exposed to the powerful healing properties of herbs as her late grandfather is a herbalist and her late father, a TCM specialist (TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine).