The Y I Blog

Anyone can be a blogger nowadays. You can simply click or and register as a blogger. There's so many new blogger springing up like mushrooms after the rain. So what's the difference between us bloggers? Some call themselves social media influencers but I wouldn't say I've reach such level.

There's so many things happening at the blogging arena from unethical blogging to dramas that I'm starting to doubt myself. Why do I blog?

I will say all bloggers write for their passion but for different reasons. Who will stay true to themselves writing honestly, with principles? Who write just because they wanted the privileges in blogging - products, money, special invites to events, etc? Am I becoming them? Do I want to be controlled by others on my review?

I've blog much lesser as I'm not sure - Do I still have the essence in writing? Am I passionate about what I'm going to share?

This is until I got a thank you message from a reader saying that one of my blog post has helped him. Although I don't have a large reader base, I'm glad that I've managed to help someone through my blog. It's my passion to share things with people. I've come to my realization that if I love blogging, why should I care so much about about what other people think. I'll continue blogging and sharing. Make sure you comment and let me know if I've swayed out of my path.

Here's a photo from my Instagram to thank my readers for reminding me Y I blog.

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