A better BOOST in the run

My speed of writing a blog post has been like a snail. I've not finish my post on my UK trip. I'm still editing it so please be patient with me. Ever since my trip to London, I've gained weight as I usually eat more when the weather is cold and been trying to loss weight. I started eating healthier and managed to loss 2 kgs in 3 weeks time but started to gain weight from my local trips especially Penang. Eat too much :P

I've just started to eat clean again and to exercise.

 Great Eastern Colour My Heart run. My first marathon after my UK trip on 24 May 2015.

I need to be more discipline and determine to control my eating as well as to be more consistent with my exercise. I just found out that warming up and cooling down plays a big part in weight loss, as well as BOOST energy. Do you know that?

Here's a some tips from Adidas to do it right for a better running experience and taking care of your feet health:

I've not start and end my runs correctly. It's time for me to start with a warm-up and end with a cool down. I've also checked out the recommended forms of proper running on flat pavements, running uphill and downhill.

And most importantly, I think it's time for me to equip myself with a pair of running shoes that provide both comfort, agility and distance. I've not changed my shoes ever since I accidentally swapped shoes 1-size smaller than my feet with my sister who has the same design (she refused to change back our shoes as I've dirtied her white shoes with my running).

Additional tips from Adidas to pick the right shoes:

Any way, thanks Adidas for sharing such useful information. You can find out more too at Adidas website.