Knock Knock Who's There

It's the 7th month of the lunar calendar which is the Chinese Ghost Festival and this means horror movies. Yay! Thanks to Seeties, 10 bloggers where invited to watch the horror movie 'Knock Knock Who's There'.

While waiting for the movie to start...

Photo credit to Miss Cawaii

Not only that, we were given the opportunity to meet the actresses - Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Carrie Ng (吴家丽). Carrie Ng actually wrote the script, directed and acted in it.

Carrie Ng speaking about her movie. Kate Tsui on the left

The movie is a 3-in-1 short film which is sorta related among each other. Kinda reminds me of my previous GSC Horror Fest but that was horror movie marathon. The 3 stories are related as they comes back to the same mortuary.

As a horror movie big fan, the movie lack of horror factor to me but it was the exact opposite to the lady seated next to me. She was covering herself most of the part. The first story is a love story called 'Headless' where the main actress died of a tragic accident and how her spirit remains on Earth because of 'unresolved matters when she is still alive'.

Isabella played by Annie Liu (劉心悠) with BabyJohn Choi (蔡瀚億)

Among the 3 stories, this is the best story to me as it has a better story line.

The 2nd story features Kate Tsui and Carrie Ng with the story of a cat spirit. Kate Tsui actually did a dance as a cat in the movie.

While the 3rd story is about an encounter-ment with a psychopath who is a serial killer

Will Jennifer Tse escaped the killer played by Eric Kwok?

Or will she return as a spirit for revenge? Go and have a watch as I don't want to be a movie spoiler.

Rating: 2.5/7

Special thanks to Grabies, Cheah Mega Cineplex, Filem Kingdom Group and MBI for the invitation to the movie gala premiere. I've not heard of Grabies and this is the first time I went for a movie premiere under them. Apparently Grabies is a platform that promotes upcoming events including movies, concerts, shows and many more. Anyone can sign up and share news on all the upcoming events to collect grab point (GP). You can then exchange your GP with freebies and opportunities to meet celebrities. Worth a try ;)