Christmas Feast

In a blink of an eyes it's almost the festive season. Counting down to X'mas and I've not completed Part II of my London trip. So many things had happened and now it's a month away from X'mas and I've already had a Christmas feast 2 weeks back. That's true... X'mas is early...

Together with a group of bloggers we were invited to Utara Coffee House, Armada Petaling Jaya Hotel's Christmas & New Year's Eve Buffet Dinner. It's a lavish buffet of traditional and innovative festive dishes - a fusion of European & French cuisine.

And here goes my experience of the colourful affair

The lovely X'mas setting

I was slightly late that day due to a telecon and the meal started off with the Salmon Coulibiac.

It was then followed by Tiger Prawn Ceviche with Avocado. Succulent fresh prawn that is compliment with avocados and onions mixed with lemon juice giving it a hint of sourness. A good appetizer to start the meal with.

It was then followed by Dubarry Soup with Cheese Batonette. If you are wondering what is this, Dubarry simply means cauliflower in French. Not many places have cauliflower soup in their menu. I remember the first time I tasted a cauliflower soup was back in London and it sure brings back memories.

Then we moved in to MEAT... Who's not a meat person? I'm definitely one... The first on the table was Baked Capon with Bread Almond Roulade. Capon is basically a large chicken with stuffing that replaces the turkey at the X'mas feast. The one at Utara Coffee House is stuffed with carrot, celery, leek and onions.

We moved on to the next meat - Smoked Chicken with Cranberry De Glace. To make this dish, it takes a tedious process. The chicken has to be marinated and smoked to perfection. It took about 2 hours of cooking time. So much effort placed into 1 dish. Fret not as it's not just chicken, there's even duck with the Roast Duck Ripieni with Calvados. Do a quick Google search and you will know that ripieni involves stuffings. The duck was coarsely chopped and rolled back with some apples served with apple sauce on the side and there's where you get the word Calvados.

Left: Smoked Chicken with Cranberry de Glaze
Right: Roast Duck Ripieni with Calvados

Not to miss out the Whole Lamb Leg with Garlic Sauce.

I'm never a fan of lamb and as such wouldn't comment much. The lamb was marinated with herbs such as rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage. I must say I enjoyed the mashed carrots, potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potatoes which were served together. 

I skipped the Roast Beef Tapenade with Champignon due to religion so I couldn't comment.

If you are a rice person, there's the Louisiana Pumpkin Rice with Whole Pumpkin Mousseline of Pumpkin, Carrot Sweet Potato. A healthy rice dish of pumpkin and topped with mix nuts.

And for cheese lovers... the Swedish Crab Pudding which is rich and cheesy. It's crab meat cooked with bechamel sauce and parmesan cheese topped with mozzarella cheese. Yumsss..

By then I was very full but hey... there's always room for desserts.

Look at those desserts... Always the highlight of the meal for me :)

The Lemon Meringue Pie is damn awesome. The taste was just the right mix of sourness and sweetness. The pie itself is lovely too. As a chocolate lover I would say that the Yule Log Cake was rich in chocolate and within expectation. Christmas pudding and Assorted Christmas Nuts cake were average.

The best of the dinner award goes to the Glass Dessert Tiramisu. If only I have extra room I would go for a 2nd serving.

The Yule Log Cake before it was cut:

Share this festive season with friends, families and colleagues over a nice meal with classic Christmas songs as ambiance.

Be prepared for live performance of Christmas carols and party packs during...
  • Dinner buffet on X'mas eve & New Year's eve (1st set 7.00pm;  2nd set 8.15pm) 
  • Hi-tea buffet on X'mas (1st set 12.30pm; 2nd set 2.30pm)

Overall rating: 5.5/10
Dinner buffet
RM80+ per adult | RM60+ for senior citizen | RM40+ per child

Hi-tea buffet
RM70+ for adult | RM50+ senior citizen | RM35+ per child

Address: Utara Coffee House, The Armada Petaling Jaya, Lot 6, Lorong Utara C, Section 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

For reservation, you can call Utara Coffee House @ 03 7954 6888 ext 4557.