I Heart London II

Here to continue my 2nd post on my visit to London back in April 2015. Oops... There's been such a delay in my posting as my priority has changed quite a lot since last year and I'm trying to set myself some personal time to blog. So, here goes for my visit to Trafalgar Square, China Town, London Bridge and Tower Bridge

My day began at Trafalgar Square and China Town which are both within walking distance (10 minutes)

but I spent quite an amount of time here. China Town is just a small area but of course as an avid Instagrammer, I did spend some time taking photo.

Also, you get to eat good Chinese food here. Had my lunch at  with my uncle. It's Hong Kong style dim sum and it was really good. Nothing that we can get from Malaysia. Don't ask me the total damage as a relative had foot the bill even before we finish eating.

On the way over to Trafalgar Square, one will actually walk pass Leicester (pronounced lɛstər) Square. Leicester Square holds a number of cinemas such as Odeon Leicester Square, Empire, Leicester Square and Odeon West End. It's the place for you to buy cheap theater tickets which is my next activity in planning. I've always wanted to watch The Phantom of the Opera. Fell in love with the story after reading the version by Susan Kay.

Moving on from there was to Trafalgar Square. I was quite 'lucky' that there was a demonstration happening during that time. I was able to witness democracy in its real form in contrast to my country where demonstration is considered illegal. It was so peaceful... no teargas nor water cannon. The police was just standing aside and can still advice me when I asked for direction.

Demonstration in progress

Most of my day was then spent at The National Gallery. Without even noticing, I was there for few hours. I then decided to leave. There's no entrance fee to enter museums and gallery in London. It's quite different in other parts of UK.

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It was almost 5 months later that I went to London Bridge and Tower Bridge. It was a random night walk for me. After 2 long days of meetings, I decided not to stay in the hotel and asked the reception for the map. Luckily London Bridge was just around the corner. There's a tube station called London Bridge if you need to travel via Tube. Honestly, I have to say I was quite disappointed when I saw London Bridge.

It felt like a highway... or probably I was expecting too much. So, I took a picture of this signage to proof that I've been to London Bridge.

But then when I look across London Bridge, I fell in love.........

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Tower Bridge was just so pretty though I missed the opportunity to see it in pink during my trip last April as there was family dinner.

It's about 10-15 minutes stroll from London Bridge to Tower Bridge.

London Bridge from afar.

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Along the way to Tower Bridge:

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The temperature was going down and I was starting to freeze as I didn't wear enough inside. The small walk made my day and I managed to unwind after a looooooooooooong day of back to back meetings. Continued the 3rd day meeting fresh and then took my flight home to Malaysia.