Lights Out

It's been a long long looooooooooong while since there's a good horror movie worth watching. And yes, Lights Out is worthwhile watching. I've to give James Wan credit for making me all thrilled and panic. There were even screams by some dude in the hall.

Slight movie spoiler here, this is one horror movie whereby the ghost keeps appearing and even so, the scare factor is there. It may be common but still effective.

Rating: 5.5/7

And I have to say that this is better than Conjuring 2. I was trying to piece the story of Enfield with the beginning of the movie, Amityville and couldn't find any linkage after watching the movie. Finally read about it here on the reason why both are connected. They are not connected at all and it was pieced together to avoid any issue with The Amityville Horror owned by another company.

Even so, I must say that there is still fright factor in the movie.

Rating: 4/7