Suicide Squad, Sadako vs Kayako & Don't Breathe Movie Reviews

Last mentioned I was going to watch Suicide Squad. 5 movies later... here are my reviews on 3 movies and why them together? The 3 movies bear 1 similar resemblance - being on a suicide mission unknowingly.

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad was much anticipated until it was on the big screen where there were generally a lot of negative reviews. It isn't that bad when you have no expectation or probably because I was prepared for the worst.

This movie is sort of a continuation from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It's the aftermath of Superman's death and Intelligence Operative, Amanda Waller led a secret government agency by recruiting imprisoned supervillians to execute dangerous black ops missions to save the world. Indirectly, the supervillians under this mission is heading to suicide without knowing the treat. Bruce Wayne made a special appearance at the end of the movie. 

I found the movie to be acceptable in a way. Not as bad as it seems but lacking in a solid story line. I must admit that the movie is slow and boring at the beginning of the story and how it kept flashing back to how Harvey Quinn met the Joker.  

Rating: 3/7

Sadako vs Kayako
I find this movie to be redundant. They should just leave Sadako & Kayako to rest in peace. This movie just made 2 great movies into the worst. Come on, getting 2 non related ghost movies together and trying to piece them together is probably the worst idea ever.

The story started as 2 individual stories - at one part of Japan, 2 friends (Natsumi & Yuri) met Sadako while purchasing a 2nd hand video player that contains the cursed video tape. At another part of Japan, a young girl shifted next door to the haunted house of Kayako. She was being called by the house next door and ended up walking into the house when she was warned not to do so... Another act of committing suicide. 

While trying to help the girls to break free of the Sadako curse, they were brought to the haunted house in hope of both ghosts will fight and obliterate each others thus saving the 3 girls.

The conclusion is the worst. It doesn't make sense at all but oh well... the whole story line was forceful to begin with.

Rating: 1/7

Don't Breathe
Breaking into the house of a blind veteran is the same as committing suicide. There's a reason as to why he is still surviving well and his skill as an army would still suffice to go against little burglars/thieves. Although there were only few actor/actress in this movie, it still managed to instill panic and fear for Rocky and Adam who were chased by the blind old man at his territory. 

The start of the movie was probably slow but the moment of terror begins as the 3 friends broke in to the blind man's home. There were lots of unexpected moments that will keep your adrenaline running throughout the whole movie.

I'm not going to have any spoiler here but I ponder who's the victim here and who's right & wrong. The 3 friends who broke in to steal from a blind man is wrong but do they deserved to be killed? The blind man who was trying to defend himself, is he wrong to kill? Did the blind man deserved to be attacked/killed because the thieves were trying to defend themselves? 

There's more to the story here but do watch and you will ponder even more. I'll let you guess who survived that night.

Rating: 5/7