My musical journey

So I went to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO). I know I don't look like a person who appreciates music but I've always enjoyed it. It's been ages since I attended one. The first time I was exposed to the orchestra was back in 2006. It was for a college assignment and we were lucky to have attended the 'Magic Orchestra'.

I'm not one who is crazy about music and is very cautious about my spending on entertainment. I've waited long enough for a session that catches my interest. When MPO posted on 'A Musical Journey in Anime', I know that this is it ~ something that I can relate to especially when it's Studio Gibli's.

The session started with the Water Traveller for 8 minutes followed by my favourite Studio Ghibli animation of all time - My Neighbour Totoro for close to 25 minutes. Joe Hisashi is truly a master composer. It's music to the soul, not just the ears. I had goosebumps and flashback of the entire story throughout the session - from the time the kids shifted in to the house, meeting Totoro & then the cat bus to the time their mum was discharged from the hospital.

After the session, it was a 20 minutes break. The session continues with music from Kiki's Delivery Service for about 5 minutes...

continued with musics from Departure and Oriental Wind. The session ended with music from a drama called Saka No Ue No Kumo. I've never heard any of them so I was feeling a bit lost apart from just enjoying the composition. I personally prefer enjoying composition that I've heard before and honestly speaking they should be playing anime music rather than those composed for movie/drama. At least something from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind or Howl's Moving Castle.

Of course not to be forgotten, they did play One Summer's Day from the famous Spirited Away.

Btw, this is not a sponsored post. I paid RM192 for the ticket.

Will be doing a separate post on the best seats and the do's and don'ts at MPO.

Before I end my blog post, a moment of silence to Studio Ghibli colour designer, Michiyo Yasuda who had just passed away. As BBC's reported 'You may not have heard of Michiyo Yasuda, but you know her work' as she's the artist behind some of Studio Ghibli's greatest films ~ giving them colours and bringing them to life.