New Year's Goal

It's 2 days past Ditch New Year's Resolution Day (17 Jan). Have you gave up your resolution or still working on it?

Did you accomplish your resolutions last year? Are you like this:

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OR this:

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No matter who you are… if you have a goal, let’s try to work towards it.

Me? I'm the latter. I’ve signed up at Celebrity Fitness for a 1-year plan since last September with a very simple goal in mind: I need to exercise more often instead of doing none. I joined as a secondary with a friend to enjoy one of their promotion so this is not a sponsored post.

I was a newbie to the gym and I felt intimidated during my first few visits. I do not know what to do nor how to use the ‘machines’. And the worst was meeting people that I know in the gym. I felt like hiding.

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True story but I overcome that after a few rounds and reading an article stating that most of the time people in the gym couldn’t be bother with others and of course, I had 3 sessions with a personal trainer who gave useful advice. As an introvert, I do somehow still feel intimidated and always pray that I don’t meet anyone I know. I would rather be amongst strangers. 

Have I been committed to the goal? It was good for the first 3 months and I completely stopped in December due to a bacterial infection (not related to the gym) and was not allowed to go out. I'm now back on track.

So, are you planning to lose weight or wanna keep fit and try out the gym? Not sure how committed you can be for a 1 year plan? I like how Paris B’s advice on “How Sample-sized mini beauty products can teach us athing or two about how to reach your life goals” 

To quote her

“Instead of committing and pledging to do something big at the start of the new year, when you’re raring to go, and feeling guilty and have all these lofty ambitions and goals in your head, instead, test out the idea or notion, by starting small. Sample it first, if you will.”

So, if you are not sure how many months you can be consistent about going to the gym, you can either sign-up for 1 month plan to see if it fits your lifestyle or sign-up for 1-2 days free trial at Fitness First