Hacksaw Ridge & Split

It's almost end of February. How many movies have you watch this year? Me, quite a number but I must say that so far the movie that is worthwhile watching are Split & Hacksaw Ridge.


The synopsis of Split itself is interesting. It's a story of Kevin who has 23 split personalities and another soon to be released.

I've never notice the actor, James McAvoy before and I must admit that he's a really good actor. He is able to bring out the different characters through his expressions, body languages and his speech. It's so distinguishable and one can easily tell who he is at every moment.

Even though, there's only 5 actors/actresses in this movie, there's never a dull moment.

Rating: 5/7

Hacksaw Ridge

I was skeptical when I watched the trailer. I thought it's gonna be another slow movie with lots of conversation. The beginning of the movie was relatively slow but the moment the war starts... that's when I can't take my eyes off the screen.

I jumped from my seat twice (far more interesting than horror movie). So much surprise & shock moments and Andrew Garfield did a very good job in portraying Desmond Doss. A very straightforward person who holds on tightly to his on belief/principle. The movie is based on a real story thus making it even more emotional. The persistence of Doss to hold on to his principles despite being gang bang and to miracle-ly saving 75 comrades is something one admires.

The director did a good job with the filming and none of the effects look fake including the death (people splitting into two,etc). Yes, you see people dying and it's really gruesome. Not recommended for the faint of hearts.

Rating: 6/7