Himalaya Shampoo Review

I went on a business trip to India last year. Guess what I did. You will never guess it right...

View from Mumbai India office. You can see that the rich & the poor
are all clustered together at one place. 

I got my Indian colleague to help me buy Himalaya shampoos. I kid you not as it's almost RM10 cheaper over there than in Malaysia for the small bottle. Why is it cheaper in India? That's because India is the country of origin for Himalaya.

Why didn't I go buy it myself? Because I got no time lor... I was stuck in meetings and by the time we finished dinner, it was close to 9pm and as a solo female traveler, I don't think it's safe for me to go out so late.

The car I sat in has panic button. So don't play play about going out late.

So why Himalaya?

My sister and I both have hair fall problem. She is now a 100% Himalaya user as it has proven result for her. Her hair fall condition has improved tremendously.

Anti-hair fall shampoo

Whereas for me, I'm still exploring different shampoos maybe because I'm still blogging and open to explore different products. Most importantly I have lesser brand loyalty. Or maybe you should say that I'm loyal to a few brands within a category. I usually hop around the few brands that I like and Himalaya is one of them. I do get lesser hair fall when I use Himalaya in comparison to other hair products that I used.

What's so special about Himalaya shampoo is that it uses herbs. It uses the tools of modern science to create pharmaceutical-grade ayurvedic (medical science of ancient India) herbal products.

Back to where I was in India... Since I got a 30kg luggage allowance, I got quite a fair amount of shampoos back to Malaysia. Imagine how much you can save right if it's RM8-RM10 per bottle.

Sadly, I don't have to travel to India anymore so I can't save any more $ on shampoo. BUT then again... I was introduced to this very interesting discount book called Worthy Book. I don't have to fly to India to get my shampoo at a cheaper rate. I got a free 200ml shampoo when I purchase a 400ml shampoo and there's 2x 20% discount voucher for purchase of Himalaya shampoo.

You are probably wondering what's Worthy Book. It's a booklet of vouchers ranging from shopping, beauty, fashion to health and wellness. The one I got was the 2016 July to 2017 June edition have brands ranging from Zalora (discount code), Christy Ng, F Block, Colour Culture, O.P.I to Decleor, Sothys, Bath & Body Works and many more. This is the best way to try out different beauty outlets with extra cost savings as Worthy Book is only price at RM25. Super affordable with the savings I get from different brands & shops.

It's available in most mainstream bookstores in Malaysia and this is how it looks like:

All other products are for aesthetic purposes. Apart from Decleor, the other brands are not in but hopefully they will bring them in one day.

Which discount voucher will I be trying out next? I'm not sure which brand yet but I'm definitely gonna claim the Photobook Malaysia complimentary gifts of a set of 3 personalised magnets.