Butterfly Project 4th Birthday with Jerylnn'L

Can't imagine how time flies. It's Butterfly Project Malaysia's 4th Birthday last month. Butterfly Project is a community for beauty & lifestyle bloggers to gather & create content together.

I remember I started my blogging journey way earlier as a 'personal diary'. I've only started blogging seriously in 2012/13 and the Butterfly Project was part of it. Without realising it, it's been a 4-year journey with them.

As an introvert, I'm lucky to be part of this community. Apart from my group of close friends & Instagram community, I'm glad that Butterfly Project has connect me with individuals with similar passion.

Not only did I manage to meet more people, Butterfly Project has connected me with a group of close friends.

I met Melody at Butterfly Project 2013 X'mas Potluck & Ashleigh at the founder, Tammy's birthday in 2014. We clicked immediately and have been hanging out together ever since.

A photo with Ashleigh & Melody.
Photo credit Ashleigh

Back to the 4th Birthday Party... We were greeted by this sight of boxes on the table.

Photo credit: Eros Si from www.fishmeatdie.com

I like how Tammy has put it that it's not just the birthday of Butterfly Project but the entire community.

Here's a group photo before the unboxing

Photo credit: Eros Si from www.fishmeatdie.com

Are you ready for the unboxing? We were all excited about it.

Photo credit: Eros Si from www.fishmeatdie.com

Guess what is in the Box? Tadaa...

It's a box with Jerlynn'L products. I know nothing about this brand but was glad that I was introduced to Jerlynn'L during the birthday celebration.

Who is Jerlynn'L?
Jerlynn'L is inspired from a male Chidori bird, which spends a big part of its life away from the family in search of a safe place to build the family nest. The father bird would give his life to raise his family and protect them from predators. And just like the story, Jerlynn'L was created by a father to protect and provide daily care products for his precious children. The founder of this brand realised that the best way to protect and care for his children was by creating quality, customised child-safe paraben free products.

Jerlynn'L is suitable for all age group, it is a product for a complete family, soft enough for babies and rich enough for the adults. The products which we unboxed is from their Signature Collection targeting at age 3-18 years old using natural ingredients.

Constant exposure to sun and pollution, damages the skin especially the young ones (I'm not that old actually) when their skin are not fully mature. Hence general skincare in the market may not be suitable for this age group as products for infant are either too mild; or adult products are way too harsh.

Ever since my skin allergic cum infection, I've been using extremely mild products that are either organic and/or child friendly. Jerlynn'L Signature Collection contains 4x more Ceramide III than any other products in the market that helps to attract and retain moisture in the skin and improve skin elasticity.

The Signature Collection is easily recognised through it's yellow bottle and colour labels.

I've tried children shampoo but it doesn't work for me as it creates a streaking sound and the hair becomes really frizzy. So, I've stayed back with my usual hair shampoo.

Jerlynn'L is the first milder shampoo that I've used. Jerlynn'L Hair Wash, scalp care is fragrance free but the ingredients within give it a nice smell.

Jerlynn'L Hair Conditioner & Detangler is my favourite. It has a different lovely smell in comparison to the shampoo. It is made out of plant extract and 100% friendly to our mother Earth as it's biodegradable. Unlike other conditioners you get out there, this bottle doesn't leave the floor slippery.

Similarly, Jerlynn'L Body Wash is also Earth friendly. Personally, I think it smells citrus-y. It's a gentle lather and cleanse the skin without leaving it feeling dry. So feels soft and healthy like a baby.

Now that one has washed clean, it's turn for some moisturiser. Jerlynn'L Daily Moisture Lotion is suitable for children above 1 year old. The smell is close to Jerlynn'L Body Wash and no wonder they are both labelled in blue. It helps keep the skin soft, smooth and moisturised.

Jerlynn'L Face Moisture can only be applied on children above 3 years old. It is a botanical extract,  USDA organic. It smells like my teabag. Hahahaha... The good point about this moisturiser is that it helps reduce redness and irritation.

I have silky smooth skin just like a baby. Went to Singapore the other day and had a conversation with an acquaintance. He thought I was 21 y/o. Hahahahha... Not gonna review my age but I guess my skin is not giving out my age.

Last but not least, it's the Jerlynn'L Bug No More.

Notice the difference that it's the only one in red? This bottle of herbs extract is safe for children to use. It helps to soothe and protect the skin from bugs (mosquitoes included). Unlike the usual mosquito repellent that smells 100% like lemongrass, this extract gives you a mixture of smells from the other herbs/plants such as rosemary, basil, lavender and more.

To find out more information about Jerylnn'L and the product is offers, do visit www.jerlynnl.com or hop over to their FB page here.