Sasaran Beach - Things you need to know

Sasaran beach has created quite a buzz when people started sharing about this place where you can get the best reflection photo of the sky. The place is called 天空之 in Chinese which means mirror of the sky. Some called it Malaysia's version of Salar de Uyuni, a popular salt flat in Bolivia. You don't get salt there but sand & water.

Where is it?
Sasaran is actually a place in the middle of the sea and it only appears when the tide is low. So, it's not really a beach beach. It's situated between Kuala Selangor & Klang. To go there, you need to go to Kuala Selangor (almost reaching Sekinchan).

GPS N03°15.695' E101°18.659'

When can you go?
You can't just go anytime you like. Within a month there's only 5-10 specific days that you can go because you need to wait for the tide to be low enough before the 'beach' appears.

The best reference is the Lunar Calendar, it's 2 days before & after 初一 or 十五. For the Muslim buddies, you can refer to the Islamic Calendar. I don't remember my learning in Standard 4 but it's during new moon (bulan baru) & full moon (bulan purnama).

How to go there & how much does it cost?
Since it's in the middle of the sea, you will have to engage a boat there. You need to book in advance.

There's a lot of different tour guides and we engaged Pisces Hoo Enterprise who charges at RM70 per pax. You will have to pay RM30 deposit (non refundable).

If the weather is bad & the trip is not on, the tour guide will refund the entire RM70 or you can reschedule the trip.

You can contact the following guide from Pisces Hoo Enterprise:
Huat 019 277 7570 | Calvin 012 559 7570 | Ms Ang 019 282 7570

Majority or I would say ALL of the guides explains in Chinese so for Malaysians who can't speak Chinese, would be good if you can ask them to explain in English.

We met the guide at Restaurant Yong Lee ( It's an hour drive from Subang and we meet up at McD around 6.15am.

What to expect?
Remember to have your breakfast first. Make sure it's heavy enough to last you for 4-5 hours.

We got a small pack of nasi lemak but I was hungry
after consuming it. This was only given at the 2nd stop.

Remember to use the toilet before leaving on the boat because there's no toilet at Sasaran *remember it only appears when the tide is low which mean it's a barren land*.

It will be a boat ride of about 40 minutes to the beach.

On the boat, you get to see seagulls.
And storks

You will also see monkeys there and they are carnivors. They eat fishes to survive as there's no trees or fruits around.

Arriving at Sasaran beach

The reflection will only appears when the sun is shining brightly and you get the best shot if it's not windy.

Rainy morning at 9am


Sunny morning at 11.50am

For us, it was closed to 12pm because it was a rainy morning for us and we waited for more than an hour before departing to Sasaran. It was still drizzling while we were there so we didn't get much reflection shot.

By the time the sun is shining bright, it was super hot because it's the 12pm scorching hot sun. We took few photos before deciding to stay on the boat.

We will have to make a pit stop at Pulau Angsa (direct translation means Goose Island) to wait for the tide to rise before we can go back to the mainland.

The island is actually an abandoned resort project so there's nothing much to see. Luckily there's a pondok there for us to 'hide' from the sun.

Also, there is a toilet around. I didn't use it but heard that what you release goes directly to the sea. It's just a hole on the floor. Swt =.=!!

The way to the toilet

I read that it depends on the tide level if you are stopping at Pulau Angsa or Pulau Jemor which is another island nearby where the guide might show you how to harvest oyster.

When the time is right, we made our trip back to the mainland.

My advice

Don't bring your elderly parents and young children here.
  1. There's no toilet. They will have to wait for at least 4 hours before getting to one.
  2. There's really nothing much than photo taking and it's not convenient to carry a child with you.
  3. You have to climb a steep ladder which is difficult for elderly and young kids.

Wear bright colour clothes so that your photos have better contrast. Do avoid wearing short skirts or dress as you need to climb down the ladder. Else please wear safety pants.

Also bring extra clothes to change just in case you got wet from water or sweat.

We walk barefooted there as there's marine life around. Be careful not to hurt your feet.

Bring props. We didn't bring any but we got our colourful umbrella from the guide (pinjam). If you don't mind carrying stuff then it's fine. There are people who carry balloons there too.

If you get motion sickness, please remember to take the motion sickness pills.

Most importantly bring sun block, cap/hat & umbrella if you are afraid of the sun.

All-in-all, it was a fun trip getting to meet new friends aka Instagrammers. The price of RM70 is affordable but anything more would not be worth it. Since you are near to Kuala Selangor / Sekinchan, you can make a trip down to town for seafood lunch :)

Feel free to ask me questions on Sasaran if you have any.