Sparkling Bright Skin with Pika Pika

A new brand in Japan came in to the market last month called Pika Pika. What’s Pika Pika? “Pika” is a Japanese word for sparkle, shine and bright. In line with the word “Pika”, the brand has a range of product that targets to give you a sparkling, bright skin.

The Butterflies were introduced to the brand on a Saturday afternoon during the Watson's Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Tea Party at Foret Blanc and we started off the day with a mirrorless challenge. Imagine putting up cosmetic without a mirror. Disaster wei…

I’m so lucky to have Geozo & Cheryl seated together as they were my pair of eyes and mirror. Both of them were telling me about my uneven foundation and clearing off the lipstick stain on my teeth =.=!

And this is the outcome:

Not bad right?

P/S: Sorry for the lousy photo. Brought my camera but left my SD card at home. Gotta rely on my iPhone 5S front camera. 

After the challenge, we were introduced to Pika Pika first product ~ Deep Cleansing Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid (RM79). Imagine removing our makeup on the spot.

Photos by: Geozo

Not only can you use it to cleanse your face, it can be used as a makeup remover including waterproof makeup. This product smells like apple as it contains natural fruit extract which contains AHA and BHA. Both function to gently dissolve dead skin and clear up clogged pores.

Before & after

It removes makeup thoroughly at one wash. I look so pale in the after pic.

The next product in the list is the Sparkling Bright Peel Off Mask (RM49). It contains mineral, white clay to be exact which helps to purify dead skin and absorb excess oil. It also contains ARBUTIN to help diminish dark spots and diminish age spots. This product helps to prevent skin aging and revive dull skin ~ loving it, taking care of it, treat it and whitening it.

Us testing out the mask on our hand instead of face.
Photo credit: The Butterfly Project Malaysia

Apply it evenly over cleansed face, wait for 10-15 minutes and then peel off the mask from outer edges when it dries and then rinse thoroughly. Do remember to avoid the eye and lip area.

I didn't try the product on my face since the trainer mentioned that it might not be suitable for people with sensitive skin. So, best to test it out on your hand first. 

Last but not least, we were introduced to the Sparkling Bright Hot & Cold Cleansing Gel (RM39). Why is it called hot & cold? The product has both hot & cold effects.

Thermal hot effect helps to open up the pores to deep cleanse blackheads and dirt while the menthol cooling effect helps to soothe the skin and shrink pores, ultimately reducing the appearance of pores. The hot & cold gel also helps to purify dead skin and absorb excess oil. It is best to apply this only at the T-zone area.

The team party didn't just stop there as we were treated to awesomely pretty desserts by Foret Blanc.

Highlight of the day

Loving this unicorn macaroon

Can't get enough of the unicorn ♥

Pika Pika is only exclusive at Watson Malaysia so do remember to check it out!