Alcon AIR OPTIX plus HydraGlyde Challenge

A month ago I attended the Alcon AIR OPTIX plus HydraGlyde launch. It's an upgraded version of the previous Air Optix with the HydraGlyde technology. The Alcon team had provide me with a pair of lens to test them out which I see it as a challenge. Why?

I was skeptical about it because I've tested various brands and I always had to resort to:

  1. Wearing my lens a few times in a week (not daily)
  2. Throwing it after 3 weeks even though I don't wear them daily (most likely just over the weekends)
  3. Mix usage with daily lens when I'm out for more than 10 hours
  4. Change brand

I don't have the habit of wearing my contact lens daily because of the bad experiences I had to put up with. I must be fair that not everyone had the same experience as I do since I have more sensitive eyes and when I'm wearing contact lens, I need artificial tears. Even with daily lens plus artificial tears, they can't last me more than 12 hours ~ by the evening or 11th hour, I would have to throw it and changed to my spectacles. Yes, I carry my spec around too just in case.

My pack

I was in between job while I attended the launch last month. I had the choice of a well paid job with nothing to do vs similar paid job but having to work the extra miles. Being career minded, I chose the latter. Many thinks that I'm out of my mind for doing so but I believe not to settle as I'm at my prime age of building my career. I might have chosen the latter to enjoy life now but I wouldn't be able to grow in the future.

So, there I was starting my job on my first day before I started my challenge. You know how a person looks with & without specs right?

Me with specs and a messy hair - Look at Baby A's disapproving look 

First impression totally gone but when I started wearing lens to work, to quote & unquote some of my colleagues "I look so much better & fresher. My specs has been blocking my features especially the eyes."

Without lens and a good hair day

I started my day earlier and ends my day later in my new employment. Distance to work is further, working hour is earlier & travelling home is much later. So, literally I wear my lens for more than 15 hours per day and with the AIR OPTIX plus HydraGlyde (AIR OPTIX in shorts for the write-up starting from now), I push myself to wear my lens daily. There are some exceptions such as I'm home the entire day without having to use a specs/lens and when I was down with fever, cough & flu where I slept almost the entire day.

Here goes my experience with the new AIR OPTIX

Day 1 - 30 Oct
I started my day with a fresh pair of lens (AIR OPTIX). The most comfortable time for all lens will always be the first day so I was still skeptical. However, I did notice that I don't have to use any eye drops throughout the day. I guess it must be my brain playing games with me. The lens fit so well to the eyes, I had the difficulty of removing my left lens for the first week even though the right had no problem at all.

Week 1 (30 Oct - 5 Nov)
One week into the new AIR OPTIX, I must say that I changed my view of the lens. It really does make a difference. I haven't been using any artificial tears unlike the past where I had to use it every other hour even in my first week of usage. There isn't any discomfort nor blurry vision. For me, I tend to get blurry vision from looking at the computer screen too long. I've been wearing specs to work for the past few years and I thought hey... I could wear contact lens to work daily. That's something new.

Like an achievement unlocked

Week 2 (6 - 12 Nov 2017)
Done with Week 2 without much complains and the left lens seems to find it's way out from my left eye already... I had moved my lens right next to my day / night essentials in the toilet :D

Week 3 (13 - 19 Nov)
Moving into week 3, I noticed that I had to use artificial tears at least once a day and at most 2 times (depending on how long I wore the lens). Otherwise, the lens are still comfortable and still no blurry vision sighted.

One of the day, I was late for work & decided to just put on a pair of cosmetic lens to save time from putting on makeup. I immediately regretted my decision. I was too comfy with Air Optix that I'd forgotten to carry my specs along. By 4pm in the evening, my eyes were feeling very uncomfortable and at 6pm, they were screaming. I need to remove my lens yet I can't drive without them... Me be like...

Help me!!! What should I do???

Any way the struggle was real. I managed to 'tahan' until I got home.

Week 4 (20 - 26 Nov)
Going in to Week 4, the frequency of artificial tears had increased but significantly lower than other brands at the third week. The lens are still in good condition unlike the other lens I've used ~ they tend to feel worn out. Counting down 3 days to the end of the lifespan and I can't wait to start afresh.

You can find out more about the new Air Optix here.

Ending the night with something cute:

My eye powers are going down and I wonder if it's the carrots that help or it's a sign of aging. Thanks to the team in Opulence One Utama for advising me my "POWER".

Till then! Good night!

Disclaimer: Product comes from a press kit and the above review is solely based on personal experience and may differ between individuals.