Launch of Angeli by Forestry Oudh

The all new Angeli by Foresty Oudh was launched last month in KL Hilton. The Malaysian Timber Industry Board’s Director-General, Dato’ Dr Jalaluddin Harun shared that the key ingredient of the Angeli’s collection is the oudh essential oil harvested from the agarwood trees in Malaysia. Oudh essential oil is reputed to be one of the most expensive oils in the world.

Coveted for its therapeutic and beauty-enhancing properties by royalties. Oudh is known for its anti-oxidant, anti-ageing, anti-stress, antimicrobial, anti-asthmatic and aphrodisiac benefits amongst others.  Genuine, 100% pure oudh oild possesses a powerful yet divine aroma. Scientifically, oudh oil is also a fixative which means that the fragrance last longer on the skin.

The use of oudh oil and agarwood woodchips for medicinal and beauty purposes has been known thousands of years ago amongst the royals from the Moghul dynasty, Japanese monarchs, King Louis XIV of France as well as the respected figures of various religions. Today these even become valuable collector’s items as shared by Pn Ariza Norhalim, CEO, Forestry Oudh. The Angeli range is created by Roman Abdullah, a perfumer who is a fifth generation descendant of a family that has worked for Moghul royalties.

With this, Angeli introduced its first collection “Autumn Sky 2017” with 17 handcrafted skincare products in its range named after its unique harvesting period. The exclusive artisanal collection includes oudh-based eau de parfum for men and women, and natural skincare products including soap bars, bath gels, bath bombs, body moisturising oils, body mists, hand and body lotions, mud and salt scrubs.

Angeli Autumn Sky range

Each product in the Angeli range is crafted only from natural ingredients and is functional in its design – be it stress reduction, skin purification or other benefits. Every product contains the highly coveted oudh oil which comes from agarwood. It’s from the finest grades making Angeli’s collections safe for everyone.

Oudh oil matures and changes according to time and body temperature thus making it a unique essential oil. Because of this, each collection introduced by Angeli will be a limited edition.

Factors like weather conditions during harvest, living organisms within the proximity of the trees, soils structure and the distillation process influence the final outcome of the oudh essential oil’s quality and scent. As these variable changes from time to time, each bath of oudh oil distillation will vary and distinct from another. All Angeli products are hand-made to ensure that the values and fragrance of the oudh and other pure essential oils ingredients in the products remain intact and not to be diminished by heat and chemical processes caused by huge machine.

Angeli Salt Scrub

Angeli Autumn Sky fragrance (both female & male) has a very distinctive, strong & sweet smell. I tried myself the Hand & Body Lotion. 

The lotion contains sandalwood, rose and lemon which helps to promote mental clarity. I like how light the texture is and it doesn't leave the skin oily after that. The lotion leaves the skin silky and hydrated.

Angeli products are only available for online purchases at its website The product range from RM35 – RM350 for the eau de parfum.