Under the Weather

My plan is to blog more but I always ended up not doing so. Thought I could blog while I was on leave last week but had so much errands to run.

I've been off work for the past few days but it's only because I'm under the weather. I've been sleeping for more than 18 hours per day and occasionally waking up due to nature’s call, hunger, pain & work. While I'm still awake now because of hunger, I might as well just write a little...

Honestly, I’m grateful to be able to rest at home instead of the hospital because:
  1. there's no interruption by the nurse while I’m sleeping to take my temperature every hour
  2. no hospital food (breakfast - diluted milo & few pieces of biscuit/porridge, lunch & dinner - rice with either the choice of chicken butt or frozen dory fish meat)
  3. no pain from constant withdrawal of blood & injection
  4. no cleanliness issue (can curi-curi shower at home)
  5. no room sharing - lack of privacy
  6. no worries over valuables being stolen
  7. no expensive medical bills

However, if your condition is bad, please go to the hospital. My whole body felt so fatigue even after days of sleeping and medication. I could feel the difference between getting proper professional care & dripping vs staying home to recuperate and taking normal GP medication.

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One thing is for sure, nothing's more important than your own health. A little viral infection can turn bad if it's not well taken care of. Reminder to take good care of yourself and drink more water. I'm getting back to bed now and till later! 

Gonna be updating about SomerTimeAnyTime when I'm feeling much better.