Mental Health Awareness

First Kate Spade

then Anthony Bourdain

It's sad but it's also because of them, people are talking about depression and mental health disorder again.

Often time, people don't open up about their suicidal thought and/or depression as society tends to shy away from the topic because they do not know how to manage it or they just take it too lightly. Not only that, one may have to face people's reaction and perception that you are mentally not right.

Sometimes it’s also because people with depression do not know how to open up. They are so used to keeping it to themselves that opening up & being vulnerable to another person takes a lot of courage. If the other person breaks the trust or shy away because of his/her condition, it may either cause a relapse and/or worsen the depression.

Depression is scary and I heard that one never fully recover from depression (not sure how true this is). It relapsed at times when you least expect it and you have to be strong minded to fight it. It's dangerous if you didn't notice it and even more so if one remain in the state of denial that everything is okay.

A really good advice from Ivanka Trump:

"We never truly know another’s pain or the burden they carry. If you are struggling with depression and contemplating suicide, please, please seek help."

Don't let others tell you that everything is okay, you have a good life and why are you depressed, etc. After all, we are only human.

"When your mental health is bad, give yourself a break. Don't make yourself feel guilty for things you can't do. Don't feel bad about eating bad, about not doing as much as you normally would. You're human. It's okay to struggle. Look after yourself and your mind. It's important."

Acknowledge that you are not okay then ask yourself what can you do to get over it one step at a time. Give yourself time.

I know that it's scary to open up to people and sometimes it's even harder to open up to the one closest to you. If you really think that you do not want to let the one closest to you know about it and you have no one to talk to, don't fret. Try talking to an acquaintance or just a friend whom you deem as trustworthy. You may be surprise with the unexpected or you can try Befriender. You may wonder how Befriender helps and you can try reading this first before approaching them - Here's What Happens When You Call Befriender Malaysia. This is written by a friend's son and is based on his true experience.

On a different note, if a person ever opens up to you or if you ever feel that something is not right, don’t judge, don't avoid… Ask how - how can you support the other person either emotionally or getting them the necessary help.

Or if you ever notice something is different / not right about the other person, remember to NOT brush it off. Speak to them.