The Perfect Stout Deserves a Perfect Pour

Happy mid week!

They say that nothing is perfect in this world. Is this true? 

GUINNESS Malaysia’s search for the perfectly-poured pint reaches its exciting conclusion end June with four winning bartenders and 2 lucky consumers received an all-expenses paid trip to visit the home of GUINNESS at Dublin.

It’s through this event that I find out that there’s a unique two-part pour method to achieve the “perfect pour”.

The mechanics and angles behind this perfect pour were demonstrated to bartenders and fans across Malaysia as HEINEKEN Malaysia actually served bars across the country on a fully equipped GUINNESS bar-in-a-bus. GUINNESS consumers across the region got to experience and learned how to execute the “perfect pour”.

Learning how to achieve the best pour.

What’s the two-part pour method?

The glass is first filled up to three-quarters full, after which the ‘surge’ is allowed to settle before being topped up.

Left side is the first pour during the “surge” vs the completed pour (right glass).

This method ensures the delivery of the perfectly served GUINNESS to consumers with its velvety, creamy taste and its “frothy” head.

Over the past month, trainers from HEINEKEN Malaysia Star Academy had travel the length and breadth of the country, teaching hundreds of bartenders the methods to pouring a great pint of GUINNESS. From the hundreds who have undergone the training, a total of 8 bartenders were shortlisted to be the finalists in this year’s competition. 

The four winners who have honed the art of pouring the perfect GUINNESS faced stiff competition and met stringent criteria to be awarded the recognition of the “perfect pour”.

How do you then identify this “perfect pour”?

Covert experts were hired and sent nationwide by GUINNESS Malaysia to evaluate these bartenders’ skills, specifically based on how they pour and serve GUINNESS draught. Their performance was reviewed along with consumers’ votes throughout the campaign period. The tally was announced at the finale held at The Square, Publika.

It’s definitely not easy to achieve a perfect pour especially with the tilted angle and stopping at the right time, letting the draught surge & settle before anything else. Through this campaign, we can be sure that we are always getting a great pint of GUINNESS poured to perfection. Who says perfection is impossible? 

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